Symptoms of Heart Disease Women Need to Watch For

We all know what the symptoms of a cold are, you get a runny nose, your throat hurts, you start to sneeze regularly, and generally you feel terrible. So you slow down start drinking more fluids, all the things you are supposed to do to fend off a cold.

So what about the symptoms of a heart attack women need to watch for? Not the chest pains and dizziness. Instead the physical signs that tells you that you are headed into dangerous waters.

This is a list of “symptoms” which if left unchecked could lead to you developing a serious heart condition.

Are you idea of exercise walking to the fridge during a commercial?

This is a major symptom. People who are sedentary have a higher chance of developing heart disease. Statistics show that you can reduce your chances of a heart attack by 35-55% just by becoming more active.

Is the only reason you go outside is to inhale smoke?

Everyone knows that smoking causes cancer, but it also puts extra stress on your cardiopulmonary system. It accelerates the deposit of fatty material onto the walls of your arteries, causing coronary heart disease and/or strokes.

If you quit smoking your body will begin heal imeadially. Within a day the levels of carbon monoxide in your blood will normalize, your oxygen levels will improve and your taste buds will begin to heal. Your body will continue repairing it’s self until after ten to fifteen years you will have the heart and lungs of a non-smoker.

Is your kitchen and dinning room neglected?

Fast food is packed full of saturated fats, preservatives, and sugar. It is designed to make you feel great after you have eaten it. Unfortunately the things which make you feel good are also causing obesity, Atherosclerosis, and diabetes in many people.

Get re-acquainted with your kitchen. Find some heart healthy recipes which you enjoy and start feeding your body instead of your taste buds.

Do you always feel wound up and ready to fight?

Stress causes your system to release fight or flight chemicals into you blood stream. Unfortunately our society frowns on people getting into altercations on a regular basis. Instead you have to get rid of the stress in a more rational way. Try a walk run program or a sport where you get t o hit something.

Another way of relieving stress is to deal with the problems in your life which is causing you stress instead of avoiding the issue. One of the major factors in you stress level is procrastination, putting off dealing with problems until the last possible minute.

Could you recognize your health care provider if you met them on the street?

If you want to avoid heart troubles you need professional assistance. Your health care provider will look at you from a different perspective. You should have a yearly physical check up get your cholesterol and blood pressure checked. These are two indicators which can tell you if you a headed for trouble. They can also recommend to you positive changes which can make an impact on your heart health.

We all have developed habits which help us to avoid getting a cold or flu. Things like washing our hands and covering our mouths when we sneeze. Simple things maybe but we don’t think about the long term effects on our health of eating at a fast food place once of twice a week. These are all habits which we fall into over time. If you want to prevent heart troubles then you need to work on building good heart healthy habits.

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