30 Day Mind Body Reset Thyroid

30 Day Mind Body Reset

30 Day Mind Body Reset Event on 2017-10-02 10:00:00 Spring is here! Time to shake off the winter fog and revitalise. The 30 Day Mind Body Reset is functional lifestyle program designed to address the root cause of physiological stress in the body such as inflammation, nutrient deficiencies, gut issues and hormonal imbalances. You will learn to radically shift how you feel and improve your health by healing your biochemistry. ......................................................................................................... Watch this short video to learn more: https://youtu.be/0PLbQgJwmm4 Here is some powerful feedback from past participants: "The Mind Body Reset program was something I contemplated doing for a while....
Meditation & Mind Management Exercise

Meditation & Mind Management

Meditation & Mind Management Event on 2017-09-27 18:00:00 Recharge Your Mind and Unlock the Freedom Within This free class is an introduction to The Happiness Program - Art of Living's flagship course with powerful breathing techniques and practical wisdom that can change your life. Calm the mind with a 2-minute breathing exercise Enjoy effortless guided meditation for deep rest Explore the remarkable body-breath-mind connection These sessions happen regularly in nearly 200 locations across the country. You can drop in anytime and experience the power of the breath for yourself. at Shockoe Slip Yoga 1307 East Cary Street Richmond, United States
Mind the Product London 2017 Workshops Exercise

Mind the Product London 2017 Workshops

Mind the Product London 2017 Workshops Event on 2017-09-07 09:30:00 TEN awesome workshops to choose from As Product Managers we are always hungry to learn more so we're adding even more amazing in-depth workshops to help you step up your product management skills. These workshops will be held on Thursday, September 7 at a dedicated venue on Hatton Garden and followed by the Mind the Product Conference on the Friday. Of course, we'll also provide a hot lunch and plenty of coffee to fuel you through the day. Pick the workshop you're interested in and buy your ticket - be quick...
Managing Mood, Mind and Sleep with Essential Oils Exercise

Managing Mood, Mind and Sleep with Essential Oils

Managing Mood, Mind and Sleep with Essential Oils Event on 2017-08-22 19:00:00 Moods are a powerful factor in our everyday living. Our moods are a complex interplay of emotional and physical components, and too often we feel helpless in dealing with them. But the good news is that there is much we can learn in how to manage our moods naturally. Did you know that smells can affect your brain chemistry?  Or that sunlight stimulates the production of serotonin in brain? Nutrition, supplementation, exercise, light, relationships, and powerful essential oils can all play a vital role. Come spend an information...
Meditation Is Medication - Is It True That Meditating Is Medication For Your Mind? Meditation

Meditation Is Medication – Is It True That Meditating Is Medication For Your Mind?

Humanity has ever sped forward. In the west we have a totally different view of what medication really is. For science, the spiritual aspect is generally left to people to decide on and label. This unbiased view though is a great position has caused the continuance of many health problems.This article may have some controversial thoughts on health, and your views may differ. I suggest you read with an open mind, so you can find the truth for yourself. This is important because science does not include the spiritual. The psychologist looks at your brain, rather than the true aspects...
Recharge Your Mind - Live at 100% ! Meditation

Recharge Your Mind – Live at 100% !

Recharge Your Mind - Live at 100% ! Event on 2017-08-24 19:30:00 This session will introduce you to the Happiness program (offered by the Art of Living) that teaches people how to use breath as a tool to sustaining happiness. In this information session,  -       you will discover the nature of our mind,  -       how breath is linked to the mind,  -       how to use breathing techniques to calm the mind -       Experience breathing technique and a guided meditation  For those inspired to learn the techniques and take a daily home practice there will be a course offered in the coming days. Details of...
Poetry and Meditation: For the Mind and for the Soul Meditation

Poetry and Meditation: For the Mind and for the Soul

Poetry can greatly increase a person's meditation experience quality. There are a lot of things that a person can read, write, or think about before finally getting into the meditative state. These are all conducive to a mind-clearing moment wherein the person will search and establish a connection between a person's body and his or her inner being. This will lead to a deeper state and stronger connection that will teach the meditation practitioner something that he or she will carry all through that person's life.Poetry for MeditationPoetry is usually read quietly except for some strong statements that requires a...
What Meditation Can Do To Tame Your Mind Meditation

What Meditation Can Do To Tame Your Mind

Emptying the mind might seem inimical to today's modern life. In fact, there are a lot of essential things to consider, like appointments, when to take dinner off the stove and medicine schedules. It would not do to routinely practice forgetting these things, or so it would seem. Meditation is, even so, a powerful way to both relax the body and increase cognitive function. Too much stress and trying to keep all those daily tasks on instant recall may result in serious illnesses and, paradoxically, a poor memory.The mind and function of memory might be best viewed as a muscle,...
Mind Your Meditation Meditation

Mind Your Meditation

Human being is the most intelligent creature on the earth. He has a continuous quench of knowledge, technology; development and he explores the universe to satisfy this need. "Don't ever remain satisfied" is the keyword in human life and it only makes the difference between man on the first day of his existence and now. There is a loophole in his nature too. He never gets what he wants because it is hidden inside him and we do not ever care to peep inside. Meditation is the way to relax yourself from stress. It is a traditional custom which has...