Vibrating Exercise Machine: A perfect source to fighting against obesity Exercise

Vibrating Exercise Machine: A perfect source to fighting against obesity

With the increase in level of awareness and consciousness among people regarding fitness and with the advent of latest technology in the fitness field, it has now become important for everyone to stay fit. Vibrating exercise machine has very well demonstrated its enormous potential against obesity with numerous proved results. In fact, in a latest research study released by the University of Miami on people who were suffering from incomplete spinal injuries, it has been proved that after a one month of exercise vibrating machine therapy program, persons were able to increase walking speed, step length and were capable of...
Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Depression, and Obesity for FREE! Heart Disease

Prevent Heart Disease, Stroke, Diabetes, Depression, and Obesity for FREE!

Copyright (c) 2013 Jim FordAmericans are spending millions of dollars every year on medications, and for doctor and hospital visits. Some of this money could be saved with a little preventive maintenance. It is called exercise! Combine a little exercise with a decent diet and you can go a long way towards reducing disease, depression, and everyday illnesses. Most importantly is that you can get exercise without spending a dime, yet how many of us are doing it? Obesity rates, along with the rates of heart disease, stroke and diabetes in America are embarrassing. Is our powerful Nation falling to...
Obesity and Heart Disease are Related Heart Disease

Obesity and Heart Disease are Related

For years medical professionals believed that obesity and heart disease were only related indirectly. Major risk factors for heart disease such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, hardening of the arteries and type 2 diabetes are attributed to how obese a person is. Obesity was believed to be a contributing factor to heart disease, new studies now show a direct link between obesity and heart related diseases.Body Mass Index (BMI) is calculated by using a person's height and weight and applies to both men and women regardless of age, frame type or muscle mass. For example someone who is 5'5"...
Obesity - Causes and Diseases Childhood Obesity Prevention

Obesity – Causes and Diseases

New medications are currently produced and introduced to the market to cater for the imposing obesity ailment in humans. The medications are in fact of herbal origin; extracts of plant parts and the purified active principles, which are presented in the form of pills, drinks, ointments and gels, with the view of reducing the body fat through excessive burning or undue release.Parents tend to forget that their teenagers are dealing with lots of different things in their life. They are pressured to do well in school and behave socially; however, they are also very hormonal creatures at this time. They...
Obesity - On the Rise And Faced By Children And Adults Alike, However Obesity Can Be Overcome! Childhood Obesity Prevention

Obesity – On the Rise And Faced By Children And Adults Alike, However Obesity Can Be Overcome!

Obesity is a problem faced by both children and adults alike, worldwide. The number of cases of obesity in America has continued to rise by a great amount over the years. With more people engaging themselves in various tiring activities and therefore having little time to cook nutritious, healthy food at home and opting to eat fast food, there could be no confusion as to how a large number of people are suffering from obesity in America. The main cause of obesity in America, is the consumption of large amounts of food that are usually high in fat, as this...
Effective Natural Cure For Obesity Problem Obesity

Effective Natural Cure For Obesity Problem

Obesity is a common problem that many people are suffering from. There are several causes of obesity, but the most common cause is high stress level leading to increased consumption of food and also poor lifestyle. By poor lifestyle we mean that people do not exercise regularly and the foods that are consumed are rich in sugar and fat. The result is that the person will become obese and this can lead to various complications including deadly diseases.Though people try different methods of controlling and overcoming obesity, most of these methods do not work at all. The reason for this...
Top Rated Herbal Remedies For Obesity Problem Obesity

Top Rated Herbal Remedies For Obesity Problem

A report states that obesity is the leading cause for death and preventive illness in North America. The report also adds that in the recent years, there is an increase in the number of overweight people in industrialized nations. This is why, the World Health Organization calls obesity as an epidemic. When it comes to the United States, nearly 65% of the adult population is overweight, while in Canada about 40 to 60% of adults have some form of issue when it comes to weight management. People, who are obese, are at higher risk of serious medical problems like gallbladder...
Gastric Obesity And Obesity Doctor Obesity

Gastric Obesity And Obesity Doctor

When the body mass index crosses the 30 mark then the condition is called obesity. It is a serious and chronic disease and has several negative health effects. People who are obese have higher chance of developing health issues like heart disease, high blood pressure, metabolic syndrome, joint and bone problem, respiratory trouble, sleep apnea, diabetes, cancer etc.Today, childhood obesity is a common issue in the society. Obese children are not only under the risk of developing several serious health problems like blood pressure, high cholesterol etc but they might also develop morbid obesity or gastric obesity when they gain...