1. Mr Shah Mr Shah

    She's gonna have a whicked sense of humor when she gets older, what an adorable little lady.

  2. jessica still jessica still

    I agree with you I have autism and they do treat me different

  3. Tran Ngoc Chung Tran Ngoc Chung

    i love you

  4. Kacey Dewar Kacey Dewar

    she's really pretty

  5. Annette Perkins Annette Perkins

    That lady who treated Phoebe like a baby is so rude. I am not sure how someone can be so confused between a human being and an alien from Mars. I know what it's like to be mistreated because of having things about my life that are different.

  6. Mia Thorley Mia Thorley

    Ok I will toik to you

  7. My shaky life My shaky life

    Hey guys, I made a few videos on my page about the rare genetic condition i was born with. If you have a minute please check them out because i'm trying to raise awareness, thanks!

  8. David Gonzalez David Gonzalez

    some1 said i have autism before. and i respectfully said, "nope…girls told me lots of things to change me into the person iam today as well" "something that i will remember forever, something that gave me confidence". people are either ugly haters or misguided. (>-_-)>

  9. Amy Heeley Amy Heeley


  10. Getting There Getting There

    It gets better as you grow older. You will find that some people are great and treat you with respect and will talk to you. On the other hand, I have a graduate degree from Stanford, but I've had people at the grocery store talk to me like a baby and ask "did you get here all by yourself?" More recently, I have had to delete comments from my youtube channel that I recently started to record my pregnancy because people accused me of doing harm to my unborn baby for getting pregnant while having a physical disability. The good news is that the logical and reasonable people far outnumber those who are a bit more backwards. I try and educate as many people as possible in my interactions. By the looks of the video, you have the same attitude I had growing up and that's half the challenge 🙂

  11. Elizabeth` Ryan` Elizabeth` Ryan`

    I have vision problem and was in special education

  12. Elizabeth` Ryan` Elizabeth` Ryan`

    she should not be treated like that

  13. Ricky Totoki Ricky Totoki


    My name Ricky Totoki,
    I'm 46yrs. old & I'm
    disabled by birth!!

    I have Spina Bifida
    & Hydrocephalus!!
    I love your channel!!
    I started a channel
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    Please subscribe
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    Maui, HI.

  14. Katie Johnson Katie Johnson

    inspiring girl! i have aspbergers… i went to college to be a teaching assistant and get turned away.. working dead ends so i started my own campaign for us all in the hopes to changes things! hope your all support me feels like no one cares! https://www.change.org/p/more-equal-job-opportunities-for-people-with-mental-health-disabilities

  15. Justin Likewise Justin Likewise

    What a cute kid. She has a better attitude then most people without these issues.

  16. Elizabeth Doran-Beutler Elizabeth Doran-Beutler

    Thank you for sharing this video! I am teaching Wolf Scouts in the US about disability awareness and this is perfect! Thank you! You seem lovely!

  17. Death Trooper Death Trooper

    I help disabled kids at my school.

  18. juan colombia juan colombia

    hi.you're beautiful.and very intelligent.you're my hero.my inspiration


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