Tantric Rituals for Lovers

Tantric Rituals for Lovers
Event on 2017-09-13 19:00:00
*Are you hungry to explore new territory in love and sexuality? *Want to know more about tantra as spiritual practice? *Ready to integrate sexuality as an avenue for growth? *Looking for an opportunity to develop a deeper, consistent practice? WHAT IS IT? A new series of insightful Wednesday lectures and exquisite Saturday evening rituals on the philosophy and practice of tantric spiritual and sexual rituals! *You can choose to attend any 2 out of the 3 weeks* We do recommend attending the entire course for a fuller experience, since the teachings build on each other. Lectures & Exercises: Sept 13, 20, & 27 7-10pm Rituals: Sept 16, 23, & 30 6:30-10:30pm Check out our Facebook page for a video introduction of Ananya and more info: https://www.facebook.com/events/849639231867935/ Two devoted practitioners take you deep into the world of tantric rituals, in 21 hours of teachings that combine real tantric philosophy with exquisite ritual practices. We will draw from both timeless tantric teachings and modern tantric sexual practice to give you a sophisticated take on intimacy with life and with your partner. These teachings represent a unique synthesis of tantra rarely offered in the West. Through both embodied exercises and inspired spoken transmission, you will understand the beauty of this astonishing tradition and be invited into the passionate practices that have transformed our own lives. While the tantric path is a vast, mysterious world of delightful practices that turn everything we know about the nature of reality on it head, in this series we give special emphasis to how ritual can transform our relationship to our sexuality. You will learn specific tantric technology to consciously harness sexuality for purposes beyond pleasure, looking deep within yourself in the process. You will discover the power of working together with a partner in a ritual setting. We all have sexual energy, yet we don’t often have opportunities to celebrate it in harmonious ways. We were never taught such things. Then as adults we may find ourselves stuck in frustrating patterns around sexuality. Ritual is a way to step outside our usual mode of relating and welcome the unexpected, the mysterious, and integrate these parts of ourselves. Ritual can shift the ground of our being. We use sexuality to go beyond sex, opening to the indescribable world beyond our senses. Holding rituals together is our passion. As experienced facilitators, we lovingly create space where you can feel safe to fully immerse. These are the practices that blew our hearts open and unlocked an entirely different level of sex, love, and relationships. This workshop is led by Ananya, a certified tantra instructor, and supported by Agnisimha, a certified hatha instructor. There is no nudity or sex in this workshop. WHEN IS IT? The series starts September 13th and ends September 30th. We will have talks and exercises on Wednesdays from 7 to 10 PM and rituals on Saturdays from 6:30 to 10:30 PM. Lectures: Sept 13, 20, & 27 Rituals: Sept 16, 23, & 30 Space is limited! Sign up early. *You can choose to attend any 2 out of the 3 weeks* *We start on time! Please show up 10 minutes before start time so we can all be present and ready to dive in.* WHERE IS IT? The workshop series will be hosted at Heart Source in Berkeley, on Shattuck near the Gourmet Ghetto. It is a peaceful studio located off of the busy street with lots of privacy, surrounded by gardens. It is charged with positive energy from the many wonderful heart centered activities it hosts. *There is no designated parking for this venue, so allow extra time to find a spot.* WHAT WILL I LEARN? A completely unique approach to sexual and spiritual tantra grounded in a rigorous practice that features powerful Hatha Yoga techniques and real tantric philosophy. You will~ *Be initiated into ritual from a non-dual perspective *Experience both meditative and ecstatic ritual practice *Be empowered to carry out your own rituals using mind, mantra, and energy *Transform your understanding of the true nature of love and dive deep into the heart *Harness the power of the body through Tantric Hatha Yoga *Have the rare opportunity to explore synchronized rituals using group energy *Bring fresh ideas and energy to all your intimate connections ON RITUAL: Ritual is a deep, powerful aspect of the human experience that has been essential to human societies prior to the modern era. At its core, it’s an opportunity to surrender who we think we are and call in the unknown, connecting with the mystery of life, the wild and free within us, and that which we have hidden from ourselves. Studies have shown the power of ritual in working with our subconscious mind, and it is from working on this level that real change occurs. So much of our humanity is pushed into the shadow as our lives strive toward more, bigger, better – sacrificing our primal aliveness in the name of greater efficiency or even just survival. In tantric thought, the senses are goddesses and the world is our ally in awakening. So instead of using ritual to transcend our humanity and the world, we use these practices to develop deeper insight into ourselves. When we slow down and bring full awareness to how our senses meet our sense-objects, then life takes on a richer, more satisfying depth. This is about going on an adventure together with a partner to awaken to the depths that lie within you. This shared experience of the ineffable is what ritual space is all about. WHO IS IT FOR? Our series is for YOU, lovers, if you want to: *Transform your connection by bringing ritual practice into your intimate relationship *Learn to harness the powerful energies and desire in your body for practical or spiritual purposes *Dare to be more fully present and connected with everyone in your life *Get a grounded understanding of the real tantric philosophy behind the hype *Develop a more refined and integrated relationship to your sexual energy The practices are open to everyone of all sexual orientation and gender. RESTRICTIONS We have the right to refuse admittance at any point to anyone who is not upholding the integrity of the group. This is a drug- and alcohol-free series. Visit Tantric Science on Facebook! https://www.facebook.com/TantricScience/ Earlybird before Aug 15: 5 Full Price: 5 Two weeks: 5* One week: 0** *please let us know which 2 weeks you will be attending **please let us know if week 1 or 2 Testimonials! Read what people are saying about us. :) Worldwide praise for Ananya: “Ananya has a very beautiful energy. She was very good at giving lectures and leading the exercises and keeping them light and well-paced, interesting, funny, and perfectly laid information. She is a very good teacher.” - Ana, Mexico “Unconventional, beautiful, experienced-based Shakti energy” -Indra, Germany “Ananya is super knowledgeable, understanding and very passionate about tantra, which made it a wonderful experience. I really learned a lot and am looking forward to put everything into practice. I felt that I could open up and it really was a sacred place to surrender and trust.”-L.L., Sweden “I loved Ananya’s lectures and leading of exercises, her knowledge in the topic is profound and the teachings professional, presented in a very charming, relaxed and calm but passionate way. Thank you so much for sharing you knowledge and beautiful spirit with us!”-M. S., Germany “Perfect presence with everyone, humble, with true love and interest for teaching. Does all lectures and exercises with a lot of enthusiasm and care for all the participants.”Gustav, Sweden “Absolutely required for anyone!” For both Ananya & Agnisimha “Agnisimha and Ananya represent a perfect blend of playfulness and professionalism.They both have a lot of experience in guiding Tantric rituals, which I had a chance to take a part in. They kept the ritual sacred, noble, yet playful, helping me go beyond my comfort zone. In my experience, they are amazing at holding space. It’s as they are holding your hand at every step of the process, making you feel safe and courageous to go deeper and explore.”-Magda Kay "I had an amazing experience with Ananya and Agnisimha, they both create the perfect and safe space for me to express all my fears and insecurities giving me the tools to face them and overcome them. The whole ritual was amazing and full of love recharging my entire being."Julio, Spain "I participated of a ritual guided by Ananya, she led us through an ancestral ceremony and was super attentions with us and all preparations of the space , energy, and checking how we were. Agnisimha prepared a beautiful space and made us feel totally comfortable and free to open up ❤ i totally loved it."Sophia, Brazil "The ritual held by Agnisimha and Ananya was my first and definitely Amazing first. All my fears and doubts melt away with the loving and caring attitude. Its was easy and comfortable to open up and discover the whole universe of rituals, explore and learn under guidance of these gorgeous women. It was a wonderful experience full of magic and divinity. I am very thankful to Ananya and Agnisimha for everything: from creating perfect sacred atmosphere to holding space in a very gentle way."- Valeria, Ukraine "I've had the good fortune or karmic balance, (or whatever we want to call it!), to have had multiple experiences with these beautiful women. I was fairly new to the tantric world when I attended two events with the ladies. Needless to say it was only natural to be slightly nervous during the lead up. I needn't have been, because when I was there with the ladies I have never felt more safe, supported, encouraged and held. Attending this with these ladies really helped expose me to experiences I had not encountered before. This in turn has built up my confidence exponentially, and not only that, it has also very much help start to undo some deeply entrenched patterns and faulty beliefs that I had against sexuality. I would highly recommend these ladies to help with the evolution of your journey."-Claire, Australia

at Heart Source
1600 Shattuck Avenue , Suite 125
Berkeley, United States



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