The 3 Back Pain Relief Steps That Cure Back Pain

You may have been told that there are simple ways to cure back pain, that there is the miracle “magic bullet” that will end your pain in just seconds. You may become a bit disappointed to learn that this is in fact untrue. Back pain relief is easy but there is no magic bullet, you still need some effort and time to succeed.

Don’t be fooled by those who say they have the wonder cure, as at most these will give you short term relief at best, leaving you to suffer in pain once more.


All back or neck pain issues are caused by various processes and imbalances that if left alone will become worse. All these miracle cures that only give you short term relief, never deal with these underlying issues, so they become worse with time.

This means it becomes harder to remove your pain, it will take longer to get results and you are more likely to develop chronic back pain issues. If you want to cure back pain long term, then you must follow a simple plan that covers all aspects of your pain.

So what do you need to do?

Here are the areas that must change:

The first thing to do is to detect the imbalances in your spine, these are the true causes and not how you lift or bend. Detecting these imbalances gives you things to target to get quick relief.

These imbalances are easy to detect, as there are 2 main muscles that determine them, checking the muscle tension in these muscles is very simple.

Once you know the imbalances the next step is removing pain – symptom relief. Don’t be fooled into believing that removing symptoms is bad. You will read that symptom removal should be avoided, that you should target the cause. Yet I have never found a single person in my clinic that wants to remain in pain while we rebalance the distortion patterns.

Symptom relief is GREAT… as long as you still remove the causes at the same time. There are ways you can literally turn off the pain signals your body is releasing, so that you can address the causes while being pain free.

You do know that you have to remove the cause too.

If all you do is stretch or exercise, you will not remove all the causes of your pain. You must target both muscles and joints to get rid of all the causes.

To return your spine to a balanced state you need to stretch and strengthen certain muscles along with getting joints back into alignment and moving freely. Your pelvis is also a vital area that must be in balance for pain to ease. Even once this is achieved there is one remaining step that must be completed, in fact this step is vital to get long term relief.

You now need to break the habits and train your body to stay pain free. These imbalances have occurred over time and have become a habit. To cure back pain long term you must make sure these habits are removed. This is not a lifestyle change but making sure your body is trained to resist these imbalances returning. This is probably the simplest part of back pain relief.

All you need to do is use the above steps and then on a semi regular basis reassess the imbalances. You can then detect if your spine remains in balance, if so great, if not then you detect it early to make sure you keep improving.


To cure back pain you must follow certain steps, and you must remove the cause. Long lasting back pain relief only happens if you follow these rules.

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