The Art Of Guided Meditation

The art of meditation has been around since time immemorial. No one knows the origin of this art; it is believed to have been practiced since the prehistoric era. Meditation has always been a means to relax the human psyche and to develop focus and clarity in general. Many methods of meditation exist around the world ranging from quiet introspective meditation to focused rhythmic chanting. Another method that is gaining popularity these days is guided meditation.

Meditation has become very popular in today’s fast paced and often erratic world. It provides folks the opportunity to give themselves a “time out” every now and again and get life back in order. Meditation technique and exercises can be learned by reading books or throwing a tape into the VCR. Meditation can be self taught but it is best learned with a teacher or mentor or guru.

Guided meditation is learning the art of meditation with a teacher or guide. The guide, akin to a coach, provides the wisdom for you to absorb to empower yourself to go beyond the thought provoked world into a state of conscience cleansing. Guided meditation will provide the necessary stepping stones to your goal.

Guided meditation isn’t usually a group event but taking a class might be a good place to start. Learning almost anything in a group is easier than on your own. A class setting will allow students to help each other as well as learning from the guide. A class will provide a support system as the students work to see results of their effort, especially if all the students have the same goal.

The novice is first started off in the guided meditation technique and eventually graduates towards independent meditation, this is the method generally followed in Eastern meditative techniques. In the highly competitive and stressful world of today, the technique of guided meditation is primarily used as an aid in self-improvement. The goal here is to bring a change in the psyche of the person who is being guided rather than helping them attain a higher enlightened state or higher intellectual state.

Another field in which guided meditation is used is in the field of holistic medicine. Although controversial, the results of successful disease recession with the use of holistic medicine cannot be ignored. Here, guided meditation is used to stimulate the mind in such a way as to improve the body’s own defense systems in order to stave off disease and ill health.

After a term of guided meditation the practitioner usually has the means to practice meditation on their own. They have successfully absorbed the lessons and can take that knowledge and use it for their own benefit. It isn’t out of the question that one may call on the guide from time to time for a little meditation refresher and reinforcement.

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