The Best Exercise to Lose Fat Fast

We all know that is can be very hard to lose fat. Fat loss diets are strict, hard workouts seem to tone muscles, but fat might still refuse to leave. So – what can you do?

You can jump away the fat. Lose fat faster with rebounder exercise, and even faster when you incorporate circuit training principles. Rebounding is fun, safe and easy to follow while exercising in the privacy of home. Keep reading to learn why Rebounding is the best exercise to help you lose fat fast.

Rebounder exercise is done by jumping on a trampoline designed for daily exercise use. While jumping, your entire body is moving waste out, which can be accumulated in and around fat cells causing you to look puffy or bloated. The g-force created by jumping helps pump your lymphatic system to better flush fat right out of your body. At the same time it strengthens bones and tones all of your cells and muscles throughout your entire body.

Rebounding brings more oxygen to all your organs and tissues, tones every muscle (including facial), helps increase circulation, increases white and red blood cell production, and stimulates your metabolism. All of this creates the best fat loss workout while proving to be safer than other impact exercises including jogging.

For an additional fat burning effect, try circuit training. This is exercise incorporating 30-60 seconds of an aerobic exercise in between sets of resistance, or muscle building exercise such as squats or push ups. A common exercise used for this is jumping rope which can be very hard on the ankles, knees and feet. Rebounding is a safe replacement which can make your fat burning workout more fun. To try this, do a set of resistance exercise (about 12-20 reps), then do one minute of rebounding, then another set of resistance exercise and another minute of jumping. Keep this up until you have completed around 30 minutes of exercise.

Adding circuit training as a workout can increase your body fat loss by up to 20% as opposed to a straight workout. It burns more calories while helping you build fat burning muscle. By replacing the traditional jump rope or jogging with rebounding, not only do you get the extra fat burning effect, but you get the benefit of moving your lymph for the added fat flushing effect. It is a true power workout to help you lose fat fast.

Warning – Never use a cheap quality mini trampoline. These can cause problems and even hurt your ankles, knees or back. If you are truly serious about fat loss with rebounder exercise, use only a rebounder designed for safe, daily exercise.

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