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    • avatar Searching4Sid 1

      is your lips moving too much beard hair, can't see lol <3

      • avatar James 2

        Nice video. I've been able to stop my hair loss and regain it in natural way using a pretty method. I'll put the link below while it's still online: https://twitter.com/jessiross20/status/880395339714506753

        • avatar John 1

          Rogaine is not scientifically proven to help with regrowth or keep it from progressing. That is a lie. If it were EVERYONE would buy it.

          • avatar Shivaji Kar 1

            Your videos are going to rock!! sooner

            • avatar MrFuckthesystem6 1

              20 years old, started thinning at 19.. started using Rogaine last week, doctor said i get to keep all the hair I have if I keep using it.

              • avatar Kevin Ceniceros 1

                Thank God my thinning hair is not thinning on my crown. Mine is thinning near my right temple on my head. My left temple looks like it is thinning, but it has been like that since my birth. My right temple has thinning hair, because I plucked my hair for so long. Thankfully I stopped doing that almost a year ago, and thankfully I am applying organic coconut oil to my thin patches and increasing blood circulation to my head.

                • avatar E.T.A. Extra Terrestrial Arrival 2

                  sounds like Grover

                  • avatar Edwin Alex 2

                    This was the questions I had in my head thank you for clearing it out!! 😂

                    • avatar Jon Parker 2

                      You arent thinning on your crown. Its obvious you'll just take money from anyone. Very few people actually jump to shaving their head at the first sign of hairloss.

                      You really should do a video sponsored by Norelco.

                      • avatar Fredelia Iggy 1

                        What is Rozefatrun Method and how does it work? I hear lots of people cure their hair loss and regrow it naturally with this hair loss home treatment.