The Chair Massage: Bringing Stress Relief To Where You Are!

You know you need a body massage to get rid of your work-related stress but you never seem to make the time. First of all you have to set up an appointment with a really good massage parlor, but they are booked solid for a whole week. Now you really can't say where you'll be next week, and even if you are in town, you don't know when you'll be able to spend two hours for a body massage, taking into account the time it'll take you to drive through downtown traffic to the parlor. So what's the sense of making an appointment you don't know you'll be able to keep? Your body massage is put on a 'To Do' list, and keeps hanging fire. Meantime, your tension keeps mounting till you are fit to bust! Good news for you, sir! You can stop tearing this magazine up into teeny-weeny pieces and stuffing your mouth with it! Just get yourself a 'chair massage'! You'll find a chair massage service provider just about everywhere: shopping malls, office complexes, and entertainment plazas. It is a partial body massage, and won't take up much of your non-existent 'spare' time either. But oh! Will you feel relaxed! You'll find yourself singing: "What a wonderful feeling, I'm happy again!" after you spit out the last of the pieces of this cholesterol-free magazine.

In this massage service, the masseur invites you to a massage. You receive the massage while sitting in a chair. You remain fully clothed. This service does not require privacy, so it is most often delivered in full public view or in a partially-screened stall. The massage itself can take anything from five minutes to thirty, depending on you. This spontaneity is the main attraction of a chair massage service. You happen to spot a guy getting a chair massage, you see the relaxed look on his face, and it strikes you to get one yourself. So that's it, done!

Chair massage service providers usually set up shop at sites which are heavily frequented by office goers, or by shoppers, or people seeking entertainment. They usually operate in the open or from temporary kiosks and stalls. The service is based on the 'spontaneity' of the opportunity - the right place, the right time, the right mood. Of these, the right 'place' is the operative word. It's right there, where you are! You don't have to go to the mountain...!

Chair massage therapists are commonly found in shopping malls and arcades. Some set up shop near stores selling health or natural foods. Spas, health and fitness institutes, gyms, dance schools are other places where you can find chair massage services being offered to the visiting clientele. If you do not go anywhere near the places just mentioned, then do what most people do - they call the chair massage therapist to their office!

Many people would like to have a body massage but feel hesitant to disrobe before the masseur. Then some people are sensitive about being touched on their bare body by the masseur. Given that the masseur is a professional and is a therapist and has his reputation to maintain, it is still a touchy issue for many people. If you happen to be one such person then the chair massage is definitely going to suit you. The chair massage avoids the issue altogether because the massage is administered while you are fully clothed and seated comfortably in a chair. There is no cause for embarrassment at all!

And then there's the money angle too. A chair massage is much cheaper than a full body massage because it is so much quicker. The massage professional spends just half an hour with you, so his charges are proportionately lower.

Work-related stress is more common today than it ever was before and the way things are going, it is only going to increase. The convenience of the chair massage gives it a big advantage over the regular salon massage as a wonderful, therapeutic and effective way to relieve yourself of all your stress. Do yourself a favor, get a chair massage now. All you have to do is stop by the next chair massage kiosk on your way to the car park.

If you don't have the time to drive to a massage therapist, you need to consider the many electric massage chairs currently on the market. Also go to to learn why a quality massage table is so important to a relaxing massage.


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