The Correct Way to Run

Running can put a great deal of pressure on the joints and, if done in the wrong way, cause many problems for you both in the short term and in the form of chronic issues in later life. However, it is also one of the most effective forms of exercise and, for many people, the most enjoyable. Therefore, paying attention to how you run can be very important if you want to be able to continue running without causing yourself problems.

The most important thing to learn is how to land. We all have a way in which we naturally run, yet it is easier than you might think to teach yourself a new technique. It simply requires conscious awareness of your current running style.

Always try to land on the middle of your foot and roll forward to the toes. Landing on the heel puts a great amount of pressure on the joints and can also simply leave you wasting energy. You may also find you run differently with trainers on – most of us do. Therefore, the right trainers can be very important. Vibram create trainers that allow you to run far more naturally, as though barefoot, and therefore Vibram shoes are likely to be a great benefit when trying to alter the way you run for the better.

Once you have landing sorted, be aware of where you look. Try not to stare at your feet or off into space. Not only is this dangerous in terms of potential obstacles becoming hazards, but it will actually help your posture to look ahead.

Make sure you have the right outdoor clothing too. The wrong clothes will make you sweat too much, potentially chafe you and even simply inhibit your progress. Keep your hands relaxed near your waist and keep your back straight with your shoulders relaxed and even.

Finally, keep an even low stride – the higher you get off the ground, the greater the impact and the more energy you will needlessly waste.

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