The Crow Road 365/10

The Crow Road 365/10
Headaches Migraines
A lazy yet-again-day-late upload here, but there's a reason, and the picture is relevant to that reason, in a very weird way.
Getting into bed the night before this was taken I noticed flashing zigzags out the corner of my eye and knew immediately I had a migraine on the way: lame!
Having experienced them before I had a fair idea of what was coming, or so I thought until I completely lost my peripheral vision to this 'black fuzz'.
Anyway, skip forward to 6am and to my knowledge I was wide awake fighting this agonising headache, but that's impossible since Iain Banks was stood with me showing me his book cover for 'The Crow Road' and that was what was causing the pain... apparently. Yeah I'm confused too! It was one of those nights where you're unsure what's real and what isn't, add to that the worst headache you've ever had and it makes for a fairly drained and confused next-day.
So the only photo I took was this one, a chapter header in The Crow Road, if you want to see the book cover that supposedly turned my brain into smush, click here!
(Taken on 02/07/2010)



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