1. MandaPanda MandaPanda

    I seriously feel like I learned a lot watching this.

  2. Sarah K Sarah K

    need come to geneses country,Michigan. teach people about disability. we have no resources.

  3. Corrie Robertson Corrie Robertson

    I don't understand how stupid, crazy, or idiotic has anything to do with disabilities.

  4. Kenya Carter Kenya Carter

    this is weird your life is a disability

  5. Lizzy Blenker Lizzy Blenker

    Thank you for this, you made audible the feelings I hide.. I'm tired of being called an inspiration or people asking me if I'm "getting better" or that I am the lucky one compared to others such as my brother who have a more severe form of cerebral palsy.. I could feel the passion in this video bless your heart

  6. Anar Kazimov Anar Kazimov

    Hey Ben, this was an amazing Ted Talk. Well done, I would try to avoid such words as insane and crazy ;).
    I would like to ask you some questions about how you use certain technologies. For example, computers, remotes and telephones. Is it a bit uncomfortable for you? Do you think there is a way computer manufactures can adapt technologies for people with disabilities?

  7. YaoiNoTenshi YaoiNoTenshi

    Please CC this video.

  8. Courtney Roskos Courtney Roskos

    Love the point you made regarding everyday slurs not the obvious "r" word but crazy, idiotic and such. This speech is so important and so is the continued positive disability discourse! Thank you for your continued advocacy.

  9. Britney Vick Britney Vick

    I don't have a physical disability but I have autism

  10. Ralph duquette Ralph duquette

    Hy Ben, saw your speech today. Very good job.

  11. RichClashChair Vlogs RichClashChair Vlogs

    Disability advocacy is definitely important.

  12. Mark McPherson Mark McPherson

    we are a Xenophobic race: we fear that which is foreign to us".

    Very well said.


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