The Good Life Health and Wellness Summit

The Good Life Health and Wellness Summit
Event on 2017-08-13 09:00:00
On August 12 and 13, 2017 THE GOOD LIFE, the 1st Philippine Health, Wellness & Wholeness Summit and Expo unfolds at the SMX Convention Center, SM Mall of Asia in Pasay City.  The summit, a first of its kind in the Philippines, puts focus on healthy lifestyle – giving the public choices in food and nutrition, healing and wellness, medicines and supplements, healing through technology, exercise and fitness. THE GOOD LIFE 2017 aims to give the public the best choices to achieve a healthy lifestyle.  This event features both a summit and an expo. The summit conference features back-to-back talks from experts, opening a platform for learning and engagement. Get Seats to the Summit Conference Secure your seats via Eventbrite payable via Paypal or Pay via bank (BDO).  For BDO payments, kindly contact us for assistance.  Summit conference seats entitles you access to both talks and the expo.  Access to the summit conference: P600 per day. P800 gives you access to 2 days. Trade Exhibit/ Expo The trade exhibit or the expo will gather under one roof a rich and diverse selection of products – from established brands to items from start-up, home-based entrepreneurs, services that promote a holistic approach to health, fitness, diet and well-being. Pre-register here for a FREE entrance to the expo.  * In the absence of a pre-registration, please note that standard entrance fee applies. Perks: Register now and be one of the lucky 300 registrants to get a FREE ride to the summit courtesy of Uber.  After registering, simply: Share this event on Facebook  Like our page and Add hashtag #TheGoodLifePH - - -  Get a sneak peak on the topics happening at the conference: - - - August 12: 1  Shibashi: 18 Therapeutic Body Movements  2  A Taste of Zen:  Meditation for Wellness   3  Spirituality Cultivates Resilience: Spiritual Dimensions of Wellness 4  Human Aura and Wellness  5  Mental Health and Wellness 6  Wellness Through Mindfulness 7  Life Balance: The 4 Dimensions of Wellness 8  Wellness through Acupuncture 9  Stress and Anger Management August 13 1  Iyangar Yoga for Wellness 2  Nutrition for Wellness 3  Health and Fitness for Wellness 4  Sugar and Care for Diabetics 5  Lifestyle Medicine 6  Wellness through Sound 7  Wellness through Tea 8  Love and Emotional Intelligence 9  Raising our happiness quotient for inner wellness 10 Skin Health

at SMX Convention Center
Seashell Drive Mall of Asia Complex
Pasay City, Philippines



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