The Halem Albright Band CD Release Show w/ Fooshee’s Forecast

The Halem Albright Band CD Release Show w/ Fooshee's Forecast
Event on 2017-08-26 20:00:00



"Halem will rock your world"  -John Keane(Producer, R.E.M., Widespread Panic)


Halem Albright (guitarist, vocalist, songwriter) was born and raised in Atlanta, Ga. Brought up among music lovers, he began to show an early interest in music. Halem started playing guitar and writing music at 14 and went on to be involved in several bands and music projects that toured the southeast (one of which Halem founded "The Green Light Council", was an Athens Flagpole award winner).


He started working on his debut album "Don't Listen To Me" in 2010 with some of Atlanta and Athens' greatest producers and musicians, showing his musical maturity with diverse styles ranging from pop oriented rock songs, supported by moving guitar work and beautiful background vocals to reggae and Americana influenced anthems, with accompanying powerful horn sections and high energy percussion. The album was produced with the help of some of Atlanta and Athens' finest producers such as John Keane of R.E.M. and Widespread Panic fame and Jeff Mosier, who has worked with bands like Phish. The album also has the contributions of some of Georgia's best musicians, namely keyboardist Ike Stubblefield, guitarist Davis Causey and drummer Duane Trucks, to name a few.

 In 2013 "The Halem Albright Band" was formed, consisting of Halem Albright on vocals/lead guitar, well known Atlanta keyboardist Spencer Pope, bassist Dustin Fennell, and Nathan Bartlett on drums with John McCoy on percussion/vocals(both previous bandmates with Halem in "The Green Light Council). And in 2015, The H.A.B. had the honor of winning the "AthFest People's Choice Awards" to be a part of the Athens' festival's compilation album. The first album by The Halem Albright Band is set to be released in August, 2017.


 Throughout his music career, Halem has shared bills with established music veterans such as Col. Bruce Hampton, Leftover Salmon and The Disco Biscuits(among many others). With a first solo album this strong and appealing and a jaw dropping live show supported by some of Atlanta's best musicians, Halem is sure to look forward to a long and successful music career. 



Fooshee's Forcast


In 2015, Fooshee’s Forecast was created as a solo project for Jon Shingler to release his original material. As he began to record his first demo, he enlisted the help of Brian Stephens on drums. At the beginning of 2016, they added bassist/songwriter Travis Heringer to the group. The newly formed group wasted little time in 2016. They immediately set out to work recording their first full length album, playing shows at notable venues in and around Atlanta, and began hosting their own Open Mic night at the Moonshadow Tavern in Tucker, GA. 


Due to their engagement in multiple Atlanta scenes over the course of the past year, they have established themselves as a local up-and-coming Atlanta band. At the beginning of 2017, Fooshee's Forecast added drummer, Justin Fedoruk from Misslefish, and trumpeteer, Caleb Connell, recently returned from his travels in Taiwan. After the addition of the life long friends of Travis Heringer the lineup for the group was finally completed. 


“At times, the music seems to take on multiple personalities. Our goal is to bring the listener through a full spectrum of emotions and to have them come out on the other side with a new experience. The collective merging of styles within our group creates something of a uniquely beautiful sound, yet embodies a feeling of familiarity. But, most importantly, we are just here to share something we love with people we care about.” – Jon Shingler


Currently, Fooshee’s Forecast is in the midst of recording their first full-length album as a band. The first half of the album was completed October 2016 and features heavy influences from rock, blues, and funk elements. The second half of the album will demonstrate jazzier components of the Fooshee’s Forecast sound, and will even feature a fully instrumental track, Guided Meditation. 


The estimated release for the album is Fall 2017. Following their album release, Fooshee’s Forecast plans to increase the frequency of shows in neighboring states and cities on the East coast of the United States, along with outdoor festivals throughout 2018.

at Hard Rock Cafe
215 Peachtree Street
Atlanta, United States



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