The Healing Effects of Meditation

Meditation has a positive effect on your body, both in a physiological and a behavioral way. The main effect is that you can get your body to relax and this helps to remove the stressful feelings that are causing tension in different parts of the body. Much research has been done on the effects of meditation on the body and on how it can help in healing or lessening the symptoms of various medical conditions.

One of the immediate effects of meditation ( is that it slows down the heart rate as you concentrate on your breathing. By taking large breaths in through your nose and holding them for a few seconds before slowly exhaling, you are also bringing oxygen to the deepest depths of the lungs that are often deprived of oxygen in normal breathing.

Research has shown that meditation is one of the best exercises you can engage in for a healthy heart. Transcendental meditation and meditating with the eyes closed seems to be more effective at lowering the heart rate than meditating with the eyes open.

When you lower your heart rate, another one of the effects of meditation is that it increases the blood flow to all parts of the body because the heart is pumping blood at a steadier rate. Blood flow is also necessary for mental clarity, which helps you understand facets of your daily life more clearly.

Research into these effects of meditation ( have shown that blood flow increases more in meditation than when they body is at rest when sleeping. If you have any problems with high blood pressure or hypertension, you would benefit greatly from practicing meditation.

In the studies that have been conducted, patients who started practicing meditation on a daily basis were able to successfully discontinue taking the medication that had been prescribed to lower their blood pressure levels and were able to keep the blood pressure down. The relaxation of the body during meditation also helped to relax any muscles that may have been compressing parts of the circulatory system.

Mediating on a daily basis equips you with the mental skills to recover more quickly from traumatic or stressful events in your life. This is because of the sense of peace and calm you are able to create in your mind and body and this gives you skills to deal with situations in different ways. You are able to sit back and think about what is happening before you react.

Experts say that the effects of guided meditation ( extend to enhanced sensory, perceptual and cognitive abilities. You are able to think clearer with the increased blood flow to the brain and this allows you to release your creative talent in finding ways of solving problems. You can also think in a more logical manner and have a greater sense of concentration. This in turn improves your memory. Research has found that those who meditate on a daily basis are less likely to develop Alzheimer’s Disease.

The increased perceptual abilities that are effects of meditation will help you develop a greater understanding of events that are occurring around you. You are able to understand the reasoning of others and understand the reasons for their actions. This also helps you respond to them in more productive ways, which makes your life a lot calmer and easier.

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