The Heart Disease Fact That We All Need To Know

This article is going to deal with the one heart disease fact that we all should know about but no one ever really drives home enough. Maybe because it is so far out of our conception or but I think it might be because we don’t really want to know about it…

So what is this heart disease fact? While most of know the signs of heart attack light headedness, left arm hurting, etc. We don’t necessarily give this one much mind and that is heart disease is almost 100% preventable. This is minus the very small percentage that is born with heart defects (And those that are effected by these could still benefit from what I propose) .

The rest could be avoided.

So why isn’t anyone doing anything? So why is heart disease the #1 killer disease in America? You know if we added causes 2 and 3 together we would still not quite get to the amount of heart disease!

It is at epidemic proportions and all we get from the government is this:

Eat less salt, eat fiber and exercise.

Oh and take your blood thinners or whatever other medicine, doctors are prescribing you these days.

Please don’t get me wrong maybe those drugs are keeping you alive. But they are not solutions, they only keep you alive. I am reminded of the movie “Everyone’s Fine” with Robert De Niro, where he is traveling the country till his meds run out and he ends up in the hospital barely surviving a stroke/heart attack thing.

These drugs are mostly like that things that keep us alive but always in their power and never living life to fullest as it should be lived.

If we prepare and don’t wait for the doctor to tell us we have high blood pressure or at risk for heart disease (And even afterwards but that is another article).

We have two choices (Both of these require moderate exercise like a walk every other day at least):

1. Getting off all the processed food and eating a diet of mostly raw food (51% is optimal fruits and veggies), with whole grains, fish and natural sugars.

2. Or eating a decent “healthy” diet, laying off the processed food as much as possible and eating more salad. Plus supplementation with Omega 3 and Resveratrol plus a solid multi vitamin for everything else.

Either one of these and you can beat heart disease before it starts. So what are you waiting for?

Did you know what the first symptom of heart disease is most of the time?

Get ready for it:


No warning from your doctor, no medicine, no surgery and no second chance.

So start today learning about further ways to get a hold of your health and steer yourself away from the black hole that is heart disease.

How you know that you aren’t one of those people that don’t know they are at risk until they drop dead?

Let me tell you, if you eat processed food and refined sugar at least once a day. You are at risk.

If you spend all your time at the office and none of it at the track or just going for a stroll around your neighborhood, you are at risk.

For your sake and the sake of your children start eating well today!

There is a whole list of heart diseases out there to learn about. Also you need to read up on Resveratrol sources. Need natural health professional? Check out More Health Less Care.

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