The Importance Of Diet And Exercise In Losing Weight

Losing weight is difficult enough, without all the confusing messages about which method is the best to use. Would dieting alone be enough to achieve a significant weight reduction? If you exercise more but continue to eat the same foods, will you be losing weight? Here are the many reasons why you need to diet and exercise at the same time in order to lose weight.

Calorie reduction

Most diet programs are anchored on the premise of reducing your calorie intake. This causes your body’s metabolism to start burning fat in order to create the energy needed to keep your body functioning. After a certain period however, your body stabilizes as it adjusts to the number of calories that you are now taking and it no longer goes on panic mode by trying to burn as much fat as before. Exercise gets your metabolism revved up again, as you are using more energy than you would without exercise.

To be thin or to be lean?

Fat reduction is obviously one of the main reasons in trying to lose weight. But often, just losing fat does not mean your body will shape up by itself. You need to build lean muscles to arrive at a better, more toned and healthier body, and this is achieved through exercise.

To be healthier or thinner?

Exercise develops your overall health. Every system in your body becomes more efficient and functions better when you do regular exercise. When you exercise, you are not actually trying to lose weight only, but more importantly, it will actually lead to a more improved overall health for you.

Maintaining the weight loss

Your success in keeping that weight from coming back would be determined by your ability to maintain your regular exercise. Studies suggest that regular exercise is vital towards the sustainability of any long-term weight loss program.

Exercise alone won’t do

Raising the amount of your exercise is not sufficient for you to lose weight. The increased calories that you are burning up makes it almost impossible for your body to be enticed into burning excess fat. Hence, reducing your calorie intake while exercising at the same time is the ideal blend for a proper weight reduction program.

Over-exercising is not good for you

If you drastically increased the amount of your exercise in order to lose that excess fat, you may actually be doing more harm than good. Over-exercising can strain your heart, lungs and bones, causing irreversible damage. Excessive Exercise can also make you hungry, as the many gym patrons sitting munching immediately after a workout will attest to. As with everything in life, the goal is to find a balance between diet and exercise. Staying away from fat, sugar and junk food will definitely help in reducing your weight but without regular exercise, dieting alone won’t be able to provide you with a totally healthy and sustainable weight loss solution. A lean but healthy body is more preferable to a thin and unhealthy one.

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