The Lines Of Acuvue Contact Lenses

Acuvue contact lenses are the number one lenses prescribed by doctors. They are so comfortable and easy to wear. They are known for how they feel which is mostly not at all. Some have the Hydraclear technology which keeps them moist even in a dry environment.

Acuvue is responsible for the first disposable contacts. Part of what makes them so comfortable is the ability to allow oxygen through the lens to the eye. The more oxygen that is able to get to the eye the less it feels that anything is there in the way. Each line of lenses offer UV protection from both UV-B and UV-A radiation. There are even one day wear lenses ideal for allergy sufferers.

There is a contact for everyone, those with astigmatism, need bifocals or have allergies there is a line for you. Those who want to change the color of their eyes can do so as well. To make sure they are put in on the right side each one is marked. All the lenses are slightly tinted to ensure they are easy to find.

The daily cost of using the contacts ranges from fifty cents a day to two dollars a day depending on what you need. This is relatively inexpensive. There is an option to have your contacts delivered to your door through a subscription service. You receive an entire year of service. New lenses are dropped off every three months.

The options for lenses are many. There are the Bifocal lenses that are made with five zones to allow clear vision near and far even in dim lighting. Acuvue 2 are basic lenses for those who are near or far sighted. All the contacts are able to worn for two weeks if removed and cleaned daily. If your doctor approves you can wear them overnight for six nights without removing them.

If you’d like a change of eye color or enhance it there are contacts available. You can get these to match your prescription of for purely aesthetic purposes. The enhancers are for light colored eyes to intensify the natural color. There are seven colors to choose from each made so it can blend with your natural color. These can be worn for two weeks with care or seven days.

There is the Advance line with Hydraclear and one for astigmatism. The one day brand allows you to change your contacts each day with no cleaning or maintenance. There is a one day moist that locks in moisture for better comfort. Finally there is the Oasys line for near and farsighted, those with astigmatism or presbyopia. The presbyopia lens uses stereo precision technology. It allows for clear vision near or far and with different lighting conditions. The hydraclear keeps your eyes moist even when in conditions that would dry them.

The lines of Acuvue contact lenses are made with customer comfort as priority. This is constantly being improved upon as well as the best way to correct vision with contacts. There is consistent research done being done so you are provided with the best technology available for your vision.

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