1. lânchánđời nguyễn lânchánđời nguyễn

    the question is what's underlying?underlying isn't material,it also isn't mind,it's unrecognizable.Because material is created by mind,the mind is something else but it just can be able to see as if it's created by material.

  2. Ryan G Ryan G

    "We don't understand it"…"This mean the mind isn't physical, they are not inherently the same thing."

    Argument from ignorance is your fallacy.

  3. Andreas Mavros Andreas Mavros

    magical thinking…product of wishful thinking…and  fear of death in disguise

  4. Enzo Barbón Enzo Barbón

    I think that it's not possible to exist without your body and still be your mind, because it wouldn't be your mind. Your mind is created by your physical body and is determined by it. Being hungry is also a part of your mind and is determined by your physical body, therefore if you don't have a body you wouldn't be hungry and your mind wouldn't be the same, so it wouldn't be your mind, it would be a different kind of consciousness but not a part of "you" anymore.

  5. Armando7654 Armando7654

    Possibility is not actuality
    possibility is an idea

  6. Scrubby Ninja Scrubby Ninja

    that's how I perceived reality after going to the dentist and being strapped to nitrous oxide when I was 12

  7. Twilight Butterfly Twilight Butterfly

    chappie is a great movie that sort of dives into its about a robot with an AI and he tweeks the AI program he was made from to take the mind of his creator and put its it into another robot thats the same model he is.

  8. tara gilbert tara gilbert

    Is this the mind the same as ego or astral body?

  9. Alice Harvey Alice Harvey

    Check out the experiment by Benjamin Libet where he undergoes a test where he has to randomly decide to press one of two buttons, whilst he is undergoing a brain scan to show when he actually makes the decision. The results showed that his brain actually made the choice six seconds before he decided to, suggesting that the brain influences the mind? But then it mentions that the brains decision aligns with the mind/personality/views etc. I would send a link but I watched the video in a lecture at uni 🙁

  10. Alonzo Griffin Alonzo Griffin

    Let x, y, and z be body, mind, and consciousness respectively. Then you (consciousness) are body and mind (C = x + y). Without body, then you are mind (C – x = y). If mind is consciousness minus body (y= C- x) then by the process of substitution we can say consciousness persists with and without a physical body: (C = x + (C – x)), therefore C = x – x + C = C. Probably.

  11. Sartre Camus Sartre Camus

    hey Koi can u do Neoplatonism?

  12. Annie Hughes Annie Hughes

    Hi! I'm using your video for my philosophy presentation over mind/body. 🙂
    Thanks for going so in-depth with all this!
    You are very handsome by the way, and intelligent.
    I dig that. <3

  13. 65trolololo 65trolololo

    lol youre awesome dude ✌

  14. Nevo Krien Nevo Krien

    Yo understand u didn't sad since u just did philosophy


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