Event on 2017-09-13 10:00:00
Despite the popular lazy stoner stereotype that depicts cannabis users camping out on the couch to watch a marathon of their favorite show rather than run in one, it turns out that marijuana and exercise have a deeper relationship than many believe. If you have ever wondered why so many active surfers, skaters, snowboarders, and even body builders smoke marijuana, the answer is in the fact that getting stoned can be extremely conducive and supplemental to exercise. WELCOME TO “THE MID-DAY BURN” THE ONLY WEEKLY CANNABIS FITNESS EXPO THAT HIGHLIGHTS PRODUCTS FROM COLORADO'S PREMIER LICENSED MMJ COMPANIES. HELD EVERY WEDNESDAY AT THE STUNNING METLO SKYLINE & SUITES LOCATED AT 1111 BROADWAY, IN BEAUTIFUL, DOWNTOWN DENVER! “THE MID-DAY BURN” IS A PRIVATE WEEKLY EVENT WITH OPEN RSVP FOR INDUSTRY PERSONAL AND TO RETAIL MMJ CONSUMERS GIVING OUR SPONSORS AND VENDORS A UNIQUE OPPORTUNITY TO MARKET THEIR PRODUCTS AND INTERACT WITH THEIR TARGET CONSUMER.WITH CAPTIVATING VIEWS FROM OUR CUSTOM ROOFTOP VENUE. WE OFFER PRIVATE CORPORATE LOUNGES AND MEETING SPACES ON THE FOURTH FLOOR TO COMPLIMENT ANY PRODUCT SHOWCASE IN THE HEMP AND CANNABIS INDUSTRY.

at Ross-Cherry Creek Branch Library
305 Milwaukee St
Denver, United States

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