The Richest Personal Trainer? Tattooed Bodybuilder | Motivational Video 2017



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      Being positive and believing in yourself is the key to success. You can overcome anything in life if you work hard enough and have faith. – Michael Giovanni Rivera

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          So many jealus mfs in the comments like damn chill!!

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            Jak dla mnie to kolejny zagubiony amerykanin ktory pomylil priorytety…
            koks, szpan i pustka…

            • avatar KhiXar Shah 1

              fucken strong

              • avatar kahlilz 2

                Nipple rings huh?

                • avatar Shambool Abdol Rahman 1

                  He's look like a NEWSPAPER!!!

                  • avatar Derek zarn 0

                    I see some synthol usage. Upper arms and more obviously in the outer shoulders

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                      What a Awesome vascular aesthectic physique!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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                          He is perfect for wwe

                          • avatar david abe 1

                            It's getting creepy how into themselves people are getting. Surgeries to tattoos, steroids to GH and hormones to cut … insulin lol. All to be leaner and buffer… Taking pics with plastic people, photoshoping themselves… All for what, fans? Money?

                            You're not a beast, you're not more driven or better at athletics or even working out… you're a run of the mill junkie, you just chose steroids over meth. Your drugs destroy you from the inside out, even make you un able to reproduce, not saying you can't, just that it happens. It's hard to take a personal trainer seriously when they probably have their clients running stacks, even the females.

                            You can eat junk food and still maintain a 6 pack on enough hormones, I know people that did it. Do whatever you like, it's your life, it's your body, but this whole montage talking about how hard you strive, how shit talkers are just haters…. Na, you junkie, we're telling you you're fake, because you are, you ain't shit. If you were a real genetic freak, if you were really that educated on fitness you wouldn't be poisoning yourself with drugs. There are real people out here that think what you and your clients is possible when YOU can't even come close to achieving what you are without long term drug use. Money pecs n bitchs is all you need, till your body gives out and you waste away at a young age.

                            If and when you fall apart I get the feeling you will be chitting yourself rather than selling yourself as a alpha. People need to know you can look great and be healthy without looking like a fucking ninja turtle. I said it before, bodybuilding is not a sport because there are not points scored… Thus you have no ending, thats why an average personal trainer these days weighs 240 pounds year round.

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                                Teardrop … what a punk xD

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                                  1:22 name song ? Pls

                                  • avatar Quinton Dominic 2

                                    Yeah… He look like a mafia…