The Supplement Timeline (What Age – Which Supplements!)


  1. infamousian123 infamousian123

    I don't eat crap but sometimes i can't resist fried chicken man I'm sorry

  2. Adam Johns Adam Johns

    I cry everytime i watch a video of how supplements are important
    I'm really serious about my gains and i do follow a strict diet a cheap one but a strict one and really concentrate on my workout but i don't have the money for supplement i barely have enough money for my gym membership and the food and any extra money i put it into myself like medication and lil clothes and transportation
    I've seen some good gains in short time but I'm scared that I'm missing out on many more :((

  3. Ashley Pontay Ashley Pontay

    okay guys we have to lift weights until we die

  4. Dawson Jones Dawson Jones

    I'm 16 and 6"3 will this stop me from growing

  5. dana trepanier dana trepanier

    he is awesome no b.s. dude

  6. Slaze Slaze

    ok ım 16 and my cousin gave his cla becasuse he wasnt going to gym anymore and not using it so i looked it up and saw its really good for body but they said u shouldnt use it before the age of 18 but they didnt said why Why is that and if ı use them what will happen?

  7. Green Flame Green Flame

    Are all your supplements compliant with Olympic drug policies?

  8. TheKYLE323 TheKYLE323

    I'm 14, 165lbs of pure muscle I take protein powder, creatine and non caffeine pre workout and I'm absolutely shredded

  9. E3meliZ 678 E3meliZ 678

    10-13 year old should take Omega-3, It has alot of health benefits

  10. Kazza Köhler Kazza Köhler

    As 'Professor Dickweed' mentioned, you forgot to add TRT for people over 35


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