The Susie K. Taylor Process

The Susie K. Taylor Process
Event on 2017-09-09 19:30:00
Analyze your character through movement and find your perfect ROLE!SongMovementUnderstandingRewritingFlowMy Method the culmination of my life’s work in acting, fitness and business. After attaining my MFA in acting in London, I pursued my dreams in the big apple where I became an expert fitness instructor waiting for my big break. Upon moving back to Miami to pursue a life with my soul-mate, I expanded my experience on Stage and Film while developing and producing various events for causes I felt passionate about. Upon becoming a mother, my passion and vision led me to invent and manufacture the Ultimate Baby Bib which gained world wide exposure on the ABC show Shark Tank. My true calling has always been in finding our own truths and pursuing our dreams ethically and passionately to become the “hero of our own story.” After fine tuning my course at the New York Film Academy, I am now bringing my simple method to you so you can change your role!WHAT PEOPLE ARE SAYING …Try Something NewBe mindful enough to let a new wind in. Don’t settle for the aches and pains of your regular routine. Mix is up a bit. Perhaps the source of your aches will be revealed by their lessening.Susan Taylor has a plan. With meditation visualization, exercise and music, your soul will be free for an hour of play.I tired it and was amazing. I hurt less, felt exhilarated and I swear the mirror showed less wrinkles. I came back the next week for more! Enjoy the joy.ToniThe magic continued/s: your invitation to your class; my choice of Joni Mitchell’s Cloud s… that inspired a retelling of my journey over the Easter weekend (mirroring the symbols of the Season – from darkness to light, and joy!). Amazing! Healing, even life changing …PeggySusie, it was my pleasure! You’re so unique in your approach and I’m flattered to share space with you in what you created and now share. Really, Thanks for sharing your light and laughter. It was a truly powerful experience being there with you and Peggy. Can’t wait for more. I will take that selfie.MercedesI feel like if your class was a therapy, Like that day of the week you always wait for. You helped creating so much Peace in between relationships, and brought the beautiful side of humans… a side is hard to maintain clear. I really thank you for EVERYTHING. I was so enlightened by meeting you… I was waiting for a class like yours all my life…CamillaWhen I first experienced Susie’s coaching, I had less than very little experience with dance, movement with intent (for acting,) expression through movement, and knowledge of Viewpoints. Her talented coaching abilities helped me hone these much needed attributes, aiding in the basis of my foundation as an upstart actor. Her humble energy fosters growth and encouragement of all experience levels. I highly recommend Susie to anyone looking to break their shell, build confidence or refine their skills in unfiltered, free-flowing movement based techniques.Chris 2017

at Inhale Miami
6310 Northeast 2nd Avenue
Miami, United States



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