The Turning Point

The Turning Point
Back Pain
I was divorced today.

It’s final.

I filed for divorce twenty months ago.

I feel like a free man.

Like I can be proactive about my life again instead of reacting to everything I’ve gone through.

I have residential custody of all of my children.

We will continue to live together as a family.

That’s the most important thing and what I fought so hard for all along.

For the last twenty months we’ve lived in a loving and peaceful environment and the kids have shown incredible resilience in healing and they have grown in so many ways.

They have been ‘my rock’ through all of this.

Now that my divorce is final I’ll be able to focus on my children, my life and my business.

So many things have been ‘suspended’ by this long period of conflict.

It’s time to live again and it’s time to love again.

Throughout this lengthy debacle the Flickr community and my passion for street photography have been a source of inspiration and motivation and I wish I could thank every one of you personally for that.

Trying to escape the pain, chaos and confusion of my own life I began to look closely at others as a function of my photography.

It was my ‘escape.’

I cannot express how this was such a salvation to my soul throughout the troubled times.

Photography saved my soul and it and you guys helped me through so much.

So much more than you probably knew.

I am so very deeply grateful.

Life is good and today it promises to be so much better.

My first stop after court was to Calumet Camera.

I treated myself to some new gear and I’m happy to be able to do that.

It’s time to look to the future and live life the way that I think it should be lived.

Filled with love and light.

This too I have survived.

I really don’t want to look back at all of this so I’ve turned the comments off.

I hope you understand.

To all of you going through a divorce right now…

I know it’s the toughest thing in the world sometimes…

I know you feel alone and you might feel like your heart will never be whole again and that the hurting will never stop.

I thought the very same things.

But today I can tell you that you’ll get through this.

Maybe it won’t be easy.

And it’ll probably hurt a lot.

But you’ll heal and life will go on… and it can truly be so much better.

Your heart will be whole again.

Love and light.


Thanks for this song Dave… a thousand times a thousand

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