The Vision Showdown: Glasses, Contacts, or San Diego LASIK Eye Surgery? And The Winner Is…

Your eyesight is very important to you. You use your eyes from the moment you get out of bed in the morning until you go to bed at night. Your eyes help you navigate your way to work, they help you choose what you want to eat; and they basically play an enormous role in everything you do. That’s why you shouldn’t take your eyesight lightly. If you have bad eyesight, you should do everything in your power to correct it. For many, this means getting glasses, or even contact lenses. However, if you live in the San Diego area, which is known for extraordinary success with LASIK, you should make an appointment to see a specialist.

LASIK is not for everyone, but a specialist will be able to determine if it is right for you. Cost is typically a factor in vision correction. LASIK is not cheap, but it is worth it. Talk to someone who has had the procedure done and they will agree with how much better LASIK is over glasses or contact lenses. Let’s compare your options and see which ones stand out.


Glasses go back many years. Over a hundred years ago, Benjamin Franklin invented bi-focal glasses. One of the downfalls, as most of us have experienced, glasses can break. Daily, they tend to become smudged and scratched, and they bend out of position. The fact is, glasses can be very expensive. On Average, a person goes through one pair of glasses every two years as they lose their effectiveness.

Another draw back with glasses is that they don’t offer much when it comes to peripheral vision. They only allow you to see forward. If you’re very near-sighted, and something, such as a speeding car, approaches you from the side, you may not see that car until it’s too late. You’d have to be looking straight at it to actually see it coming.

Contact Lenses

Contact lenses have become very popular recently, especially with the younger crowds. They don’t make you look ‘nerdy’ like glasses do, and you have perfect vision; even peripheral vision. The problem with contacts is that they can dry out. They can pop out of your eye at the most inopportune moment s and they can become lost. It’s an awful feeling to have only one contact in, or none at all, especially if you’re blind as a bat. Contacts are small enough to lose on the carpet, they have to be cleaned or changed out regularly, and they can sometimes become scratched, which will wreak havoc on your very sensitive eyes.

LASIK Eye Surgery

If you’re in San Diego, and you have the time to make a LASIK consultation, you won’t be disappointed. LASIK allows you to free yourself of glasses and contacts. You can just get out of bed in the morning and you can see with perfect vision. You can drive at night without worrying about glare, and you can swim without having to worry about losing your contact lenses. It’s just like getting a new pair of eyes. That’s why LASIK is superior to both glasses and contacts, and it’s why you should consider having it done before you waste anymore money on corrective eye-wear.

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