The Walk Aerobics DVD by John Abdo

Some might think John Abdo is stretching things a bit. The concept of Walk Aerobics is oxymoronic is it not? Seriously, when you walk you are only taking part in an ultra light intensity activity with little cardio impact, right? Not at all! Just take a look at the Walk Aerobics DVD that John Abdo has produced. It will surely provide you with much food for thought in terms of the amazing value that walking exercises deliver.

And here is the best news of all: you can perform all the many varied Walk Aerobics exercises inside your own home. There is no reason to travel outside in inclement weather or visit the gym. Simply watch the (inexpensive) DVD and absorb the material presented in it.

The purpose of Walk Aerobics follows the same paradigm that other aerobics workouts employ. That is, the goal here is to burn a great deal of stored body fat in an effective manner. This process is to be achieved without any obtuse dieting or over the top workouts. Instead, the rather simple concept of expanding on traditional distance or in-place walking is used.

Expanding on basic walking exercises can deliver stunning weight loss results. Look at it this way: doing nothing other than walking at a normal pace for an hour will burn upwards of 220 calories. Now, imagine how many calories will be burned by employing enhancements to traditional walking.

With the Walk Aerobics DVD by John Abdo, you can learn the basics of unique walking exercises that mimic rock climbing, ninja training (!), and ice skating. Such spins on traditional walking will certainly prove amazingly helpful towards reducing the stored body fat on your frame.

There is another highly helpful component to taking part in these novel walking exercises. That would be the effect these exercises have on the metabolism. Yes, walking has the ability to boost your ability to burn calories even while you are at rest. This is because walking does help develop lean muscle mass which is critical to speeding up metabolic function. With the enhanced exercises found on the DVD by John Abdo, muscle development and the body’s metabolic rate will experience amazing improvements.

When you walk, you are not just using the legs. The entire body is employed to complete the motions in a walking stride. Combining traditional walking motions with the innovations in the John Abdo walking DVD leads to even further overall body development. Again, this would be to the additional integration of expanded movements into the walking process. Your elevated heart rate will aid in burning up calories long after you have stopped exercising. This will improve your potential to maintain a lean and ripped look to a great degree.

And certainly that would be a goal worth attaining!

In the past, this DVD was originally presented as three completely separate releases. Now, they have been combined into one DVD at an affordable price. Thanks to the amazing price and excellent approach to exercising presented, this DVD is a must have.

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