The Water Element- Harmonizing the physical & emotional aspects of the Kidneys

The Water Element- Harmonizing the physical & emotional aspects of the Kidneys
Event on 2017-07-22 10:00:00
The Chinese traditional understanding of the world reduced it into fundamental forces responsible for the birth, balance, and destruction of all things.  They called this the 5 Phases/Elements.  A person who attained mastery of the 5 Phases would be able to lead a happy, balanced life. Mastery of the 5 Phases is an embodied understanding leading to an appropriate response to life’s many complex situations.  In this workshop, we will give a broad overview of the 5 Phases and then focus on an experiential inquiry into the Phase of Water.  Some of the associations of water is the emotion of fear, season of Winter, ancestry, gift of Wisdom, intention setting, trust and surrender, and infinite potential.   A Water Element imbalance may surface as: – Excessive worry or anxiety – Difficulty accessing life goals; feeling lost, at sea – A deep restlessness, inability to sit still – Chronic Lower back pain, knee pain, ankle pain – Weak constitution – Adrenal fatigue We will explore the water element through yogic movement, an audio/video component, lecture, experiential exercises, group discussion.  The goal is for participants to have a deeper embodied understanding of Water in order to negotiate life circumstances with more grace and skill.  This workshop is appropriate for acupuncture practitioners and students, yoga teachers and students, energy medicine healers and anyone interested in deepening into this ancient worldview that has modern, practical application. Workshop Includes:   -Aqua Yoga   -Oriental Medicine Lecture   -Hakomi Experiential Exercise Workshop is co-led by: Rupesh Chhagan LAc and CHP: Acupuncturist and Hakomi teacher and practitioner. Katherine Winge CYT: Austin Aqua Yoga founder, Yoga, Aqua Yoga and meditation teacher. EARLY BIRD TICKET PRICE: After 7/15 This class is limited to 10 people. Please reserve your spot soon. Refund Policy: Full refunds available before July 16th Cancelations after July 16th: 50% refund

at Sol Healing & Wellness Center
13805 Ann Pl
Austin, United States

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