The Whole Woman in Business

The Whole Woman in Business
Event on 2017-09-09 08:30:00
Roar Women is incredibly proud to present this one off event which is an absolute must for any woman in business wanting growth, success and fulfilment. As a guest at this fully catered event you will be educated, energised and inspired by 8 experts (local and national) that have been carefully selected to give you the tools required to be the true, Whole Successful Woman in Business! Among them we bring you a Finance expert, Wealth Designer & Author from Sydney, Marketing Guru's (that's right multiple!), Colour Psychologist, Art Therapist, Success & Fulfillment expert and not to mention a delegate from QLD Government to tell us how their Advancing Women in Business initiative can help you! You can read all about these amazing speakers below… This is also an event that is giving back with 10% of all profits going directly to the two local Gold Coast families of Ben Fitzsimmons & Jack Coles, two brave school boys that are sadly battling Cancer.  Heartbreaking is an understatement.   I had a brother (Justin) that was sick with neuroblastoma and passed away (before I was born) at the tender age of 3 years old. I can't even begin to imagine what my parents and older sister went through and I cannot begin to imagine what Ben and Jack's families are currently going through. Justin's short and precious life is a constant reminder for me in having full gratitude for this gift that is life.  It is a big driver for me to do what I love and love what I do and I am absolutley honoured to be able to use this event as an opportunity to help Ben & Jack and their families through this difficult time.  If you can't attend the event but would like to donate there is an option to do so on the ticket purchase link.  Thanking you in advance for your generosity. SO. Are you a new business still finding your feet and figuring out ‘what next’? You know you want to grow and succeed and do amazing things but need some expert advice, guidance, motivation and inspiration?You need to do this! Can't wait to see you there!Are you established but need to put that finger back on the pulse. You need an insight into today’s market and a reminder of what’s important and why you are doing what you do.You need to do this too!  Can't wait to see you there!You will also have the incredible opportunity to pick the brains of our experts during our Q & A panel session.We will then end the day with the opportunity to network with speakers and fellow guests over drinks in our own exclusive area from 4pm in the *Stingray Lounge. Who’s in?! Oh and did I mention we have some pretty amazing prizes up for grabs!There is no question you will leave this event buzzing for days!Growth, success and fulfilment are all yours for the taking!You just have to take that step, reach out, grab your ticket and get ready to roar & soar!                                                                                                                                                                                                                            *Drinks in Stingray to be purchased by guests  Can't wait to see you all there! Bec xRoar Women                                                                     SPEAKER BIO's REBECCA LEORoar Women – FounderRebecca is a Keynote Speaker whose energy & passion is infectious. Her hunger for helping audiences have their ah-ha moment and walk away with the courage and self-belief to follow through is evident.  She loves seeing women realise their potential and how their own value can add huge value to those around them.  Rebecca's ultimate goal is to spread courage, success and fulfillment across the globe.   With a background spanning over 15 years in the corporate world it's no surprises Rebecca went on to create her own multi-award winning Events Management business. After multiple requests for guest speaking roles and private mentoring Rebecca realised this was her opportunity to help make a true difference in other women's lives and let the domino effect of positive change begin!With her stand out look yet relatable down to earth style you can see Rebecca is her true authentic self in every situation. Whether up on stage delivering a keynote or in a 1:1 mentoring session, you can always feel the love.She shows genuine passion and care for what she does and seeing people not only succeed but live happy which is what keeps them coming back for more.   Afterall as she says "what is success without happiness?"  Whilst there are other experts on courage, self-belief & mindset what's different about Rebecca is that she truly understands, from her own experience, how these things will lead to a life of success and fulfillment and how success and fulfillment mean very different things to different people.On that note here is a little note from the lady herself:"Throughout my career I have always felt most inspired and empowered by women who empowered themselves. These are the women I actively sought for mentorship. Sometimes it was quietly observing their every move (without being a stalker!) and other times partaking in formal mentor programs.  I thrived on learning from the best so I could become my best.  That learning and becoming will continue a lifetime for me and should for you too. It is with serious passion and excitement that I now get to continue that cycle, empowering women across the globe.As quoted by a truly incredible, inspirational and empowered woman…"All my life I have wanted to lead people to an empathy space. To a gratitude space. I want us all to fulfill our greatest potential. To find our calling and summon the courage to live it"                                                                             – Oprah WinfreyI wish nothing more than for every single one of you to do just that! Look forward to connecting,  one empowering woman to another!Bec x" MARY BAKERWealth Designer, Author & SpeakerMary Barker is a wealth designer, author, and speaker.  She is a 20 year veteran of the financial services industry.  Every day she sits down with her clients and talks with them about their financial goals and dreams and how to make them a reality. Her new book, Women of Independent Means, was written for the many women who don’t understand their money and therefore don’t engage with building wealth for themselves. Mary Baker has made it her mission to educate and empower women around their money; to help them feel comfortable around their finances and confident about building personal wealth for themselves and for their families. She is the director of Mary Barker Financial Planning, and co-founder of Females Inspiring Females Inc. (FIFI), and Smart Girls, a financial education group for women. Mary is a regular on the speaking circuit. For any further information or to contact Mary Barker please visit her website TRACEY MCLEODColour Psychology ExpertColour Psychology is the study of how colour affect human emotions and behaviours. How colour affects each of us is deeply personal. At an individual level, surrounding ourselves with colours that nurture us, can have a huge impact 'on the happiness factor' in our lives. Using colours that nourish every member of the family, individually and collectively, can enhance harmony and success in the home. Understanding colour psychology can help entrepreneurs build a tribe of fans and followers, dedicated to their business success.  Internationally recognised interior stylist Tracey McLeod has been using colour psychology for the past five years to help clients make informed decisions around how to choose the colour palette of their homes, businesses and personal lives.  Tracey is Director of Showhomes Design, Founder of Presentation Sells and former President of the Queensland Interior Decorators Association (QIDA).  As a leading advocate for colour psychology, Tracey is often called on for commentary in the media, and has been featured in The Huffington Post, The Home Staging Podcast, various News Limited publications, and Radio 4BC's Real Estate Talk, among others. Known for her high energy, engaging style and generous approach to sharing her knowledge, Tracey is also a highly sought after speaker who inspires both national and international audiences and opens their eyes to the power that colour and design have in their lives and homes. Tracey has also been awarded the Housing Industry Association (HIA) Gold Coast/Northern Rivers Property Stylist of the Year for two years running, Best of Houzz Service Award for four year in a row since 2014, and 2016 Real Estate Staging Association® (RESA) Vacant Home Stager of The Year International Finalist."ANNA CUSH & KERRY DYMONDThe Ground CrewKerry has over 17 years marketing research and strategy development experience across 3 continents. She is obsessed with people and has made a name for herself as a Human Behaviour Specialist. Kerry has worked with some of the biggest brands across the world, as well as some local/niche and smaller brands. She excels at qualitative marketing research, brand development and strategy development. While away from the office Kerry is Mum to 2 boys, is a qualified yoga teacher and dabbles in art and interior design. Anna is an activations specialist and has worked globally and locally in media, PR, business development, copy writing, community engagement and communication management and design for the past 15years. Anna is strategic and detail driven. Her experience includes large scale government and commercial business as well as supporting multiple local small businesses. If not at work Anna is also Mum of 2 boys, she is a super fit bunny and loves a good fashion buy. Together Kerry and Anna make up The Ground Crew and they are here to guide you! They are a strategic and creative business and marketing consultancy that bring experience and expertise to grow and develop businesses of all sizes.They offer a full service and holistic in their approach.The Ground Crew are an authentic and hands on service for real businesses targeting real people. ANNA WARDArt TherapistAnna is the founder of Art Therapy Gold Coast uses art to help treat a wide range of issues as well as assisting people to gain confidence and build on their self-esteem, enabling them to reach their full potential.  Anna works with individuals or groups to apply art therapy to a variety of important areas: work and life balance, coping with change, stress management, personal growth and better interpersonal relationships for team harmony.  Of particular interest is the way art therapy can unlock the creative potential of individuals in the workplace.  In a world where the next big idea can launch you into the stratosphere, creativity is just as valuable as intelligence and analytical ability.  Art Therapy is a great addition to the resources available to human resources managers and corporate leaders that want to improve the human element of their orgnisations.  It provides both tangible and intangible benefits to innovation and interpersonal dynamics.  Under a properly trained therapist it’s a practical and enjoyable way to reach your team’s personal growth goals.    TINA HAYDirect Marketing Solutions – FounderTina is the founder of Direct Marketing Solutions.  DMS was formed in 2010 by Tina as a result of noticing a gap in the market for small to medium businesses.  After speaking with various businesses who didn’t have the budget for a Marketing Manager and didn’t quite have the need for a full service Advertising Agency.   Tina realised these businesses still have to market themselves locally and nationally, to grow sales and awareness of their products and services and increase turnover. With a specialty in the beast that is Social Media the value of DMS' expertise is immeasurable! With experience of working with small start up businesses all the way through to big American corporations,  Tina holds a great understanding of what is effective when it comes to increasing revenue. Tina has worked with many industries including: Franchise, Legal, Finance, Property, Professional Services, Pay TV/Media, Trades and Services, Construtcion and Industrial Services, Retail and Mail Order, Charity, Health and Leisure, Hospitality, Publications, Online Business and more.At Direct Marketing Solutions we can provide a personable service and create Marketing Plans based on your objectives, budget and existing capabilities. Being a results driven organisation we aim to ensure you’re provided with the highest possible return on investment. JENNY LORDQLD Office of Small Business, Advancing Women in Business Initiative – ConsultantJenny is the owner of Take Action Consulting is an experienced Strategic HR/Learning and Organisational Development Professional who brings energy, honesty and expertise when developing, mentoring and motivating people to achieve success. With a Master of Business (HRM) and certified in training, project management and emotional intelligence, Jenny is a highly organised practitioner who has worked with a range of government and private-sector organisations both in the UK and Australia enhancing workplace culture and developing strategic people-focussed organisational change solutions in a range of areas including: diversity & inclusion; effective communication & networking; capability & competency frameworks; customer service; wellbeing & workplace happiness, confidence & motivation; reward & recognition; and leadership, team & individual capability development. Jenny currently also consults on a state-wide Advancing Women in Business Initiative working with the Office of Small Business, Queensland Government to enable better connectivity, growth and employment for women-led Queensland small businesses.        

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