Therapeutic & Accessible Yoga for Chronic Dis-ease :: Los Angeles

Therapeutic & Accessible Yoga for Chronic Dis-ease :: Los Angeles
Event on 2017-07-01 10:00:00
Therapeutic & Accessible Yoga for Chronic Dis-ease :: Saturday, July 1, 2017, 10am-11:30am This is a calling for individuals managing chronic dis-ease, immune system impairment, injuries, stress, emotional overwhelm, and/or a general state of malaise to join us for Therapeutic & Accessible Yoga. **Each session is limited to 6 participants. Please purchase a ticket in advance to reserve your seat** We seek to give more individuals an introduction into Integrative Medicine and Mindfulness Practices as complementary treatment to Western Medicine. These practices allow us to best manage dis-ease symptoms, treat side effects of pharmaceutical medications, and frequently allow us to address underlying behavioral habits, thought patterns, emotional reactivities, and underlying belief structures which can be tied into development of chronic illness.  A foundational principle for healing and dis-ease management is in the recognition of our multidimensional nature; Yoga empowers us to honor the wisdom and power in our own bodies, to find inner tranquility regardless of physical circumstances, and to more effectively manage chronic disease states and stress.  Restorative postures and gentle movements, breath exercises, energy healing, and philosophical shifts of the mind guide us towards internal peace and tranquility. Therapeutic Yoga is an avenue to healing for persons living with chronic pain, injuries, stiffness, swelling and limited mobility.  Together we practice holistic habits to reduce pain, while maximizing function. Yoga empowers us effective tools to overcome barriers to optimal health, positively influence poor habits, and to transform our internal experiences.

at 10400 Key West Ave.
Porter Ranch
Los Angeles, United States



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