Thyroid Health, Fatigue and Weight Gain

Thyroid Health, Fatigue and Weight Gain
Event on 2017-08-24 18:30:00
Do you find it hard to get out of bed in the morning? Or does your energy crash mid-day? Do you feel that you want to participate in life after work, but have a hard time being motivated to do so because of fatigue? Have you been blaming low energy on getting older and can barely remember what it is like to have tons of energy? Have you had your thyroid labs run and your doctor says they are “normal” and yet you still feel off? Or, do you have a thryoid problem but still suffer from symptoms even after taking medication? If you answered yes to any of the above, this talk is for you! You will benefit from this talk by learning: Why conventional lab testing fails to identify many thyroid issues Reasons and causes behind thyroid issues The autoimmune side of the issue Next steps to get the lab tests you need for proper diagnosis and successful treatment Join us for a complimentary gourmet dinner and important informational seminar to learn about the underlying root causes of thyroid issues, fatigue, and more. The talk will be hosted by Dr. Diane Mueller, RND, DAOM or Dr. Miles Nichols both functional medicine doctors, national speakers and educators. They are dedicated toward helping educate the public and are offering this talk as a way to help you! Space is limited, so reservation is a must. You are encouraged to bring a spouse, loved one, or close friend who would support you in this amazing evening. Can't make that date? We have other options! Call to find out more information! Please call 720-722-1143 or register at to save your spot today!

at Hacienda Colorado
4100 East Mexico Ave.
Denver, United States

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