You know when you put ur ear on a pillow that werid like compressed noice it iratatds me so much

  2. PatchCornAdams723 PatchCornAdams723

    Tinnitus will be the reason I top myself one day.

  3. MichelleVa 77 MichelleVa 77

    Best one on youtube so far. Thank you

  4. Shailin Lewis Shailin Lewis

    This didn't cure my tinnitus lol…it just put me to sleep 🤷🏽‍♀️

  5. Yeti Yeti

    Searched for pulsatile tinnitus which explains why it didn't do much. Might work for my other tinnitus but can't hear that one right now.

  6. Jake Olheiser Jake Olheiser

    I know there's so many comments like omg this helped so much, and I get that it might work for u guys but I listened to this for 12 minutes and when I turned the volume down my ringing was noticeably louder! I guess I'll use another method

  7. Carl Gatzby Carl Gatzby

    Oh my, i was looking for tinnitus therapy for my brother then suddenly when i tried this, after fee minutes i also had it! What could this possibly be?!


    A French doctor explaine :

  9. Wendel Daniel Wendel Daniel

    Hi Guys. I want to shared from Brazil, I am so sorry for this situation that our generation is passing, I had been fighting against this sound in my ears, I choose to not drink any medicine and just find my rest in God's presence, I want let you know that Jesus is the answer, this is not a religious or about any church, is all about Jesus. Seek for him, don't give up. He is the one that want to care of your life even when you don't anymore. Seek for Jesus, hear the truly gospel, it's always good if you can be surround by a good church ( where people really fallow Jesus) but more than anything don't let go the opotunity of seek and wait for him day and night, you will find your rest in him and also your healing. Be blessed!

  10. Darly Maje Darly Maje

    Hola yo padezco tinnitus desde hace 8 años, he buscado por cielo y tierra y no tiene cura, pero si les cuento que he podido disminuirlo bastantisimo gracias al consejo de un odontologo familiar que me dijo que podía ser bruxismo, yo no le creía de a mucho porque hasta donde se no tengo bruxismo, de todos modos comencé a usar una placa (Que mi familia produce) y desde el primer día note el cambio, no se los digo porque nosotros las hagamos, pueden probar con cualquier placa de bruxismo, de verdad que lo disminuye, la placa hace que durante el sueño se relajen todos los musculos de la cara. No se pierde nada con probar y si se puede ganar mucho, bendiciones y animo, se puede llegar a vivir con esto.

  11. Carlos  Imperial Carlos Imperial

    Tinnitus can be the result of way too many things, certain therapy may work for some people but not for others depending on the root(s) of the problem, in other words, there's not a standard cure for tinnitus as tinnitus itself might be a symptom caused by the malfunction of an internal organ like the liver or kidney, other causes include sinus, high cholesterol,spleen problems, etc in chinese traditional medicine, they relate tinnitus to kidney failure or malfunction, drinking plenty of water and following a detoxification program has really helped me lower my tinnitus, i have gone days without hearing it and when it comes back is not as loud as the previous last time, it has taken me months trying to follow a healthier diet but it is worth it

  12. Sergio.osoriosantos Osorio Sergio.osoriosantos Osorio

    me sinto dentro da aeronave

  13. Liam Head Liam Head

    Do ye all hear ringing in your ear? Mine is more of a fuzz noise, constantly every day 24/7

  14. Chandler Short Chandler Short

    Used it for one minute, the ringing in my ears hasn't stopped for 5 minutes, it stopped it

  15. Jung Oh Jung Oh

    My ear is fucked omg this car backfired on my ear

  16. Elin H Elin H

    Listening to this and reading all the comments here, makes me feel much better about my tinnitus. I used to feel so alone, no one understood how it is, but here there's a bunch of people who are all in the same situation, who give me hope that the tinnitus will one day go away.

  17. RJayy 2K RJayy 2K

    I find my Tinnitus worsens after thinking too much


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