Eyes Vision

Sometimes I love to spend my time on the streets with a long lens. I know, I know, people don’t like it, because they say it makes me a shy »spy« that isn’t brave enough to step up right in front of people and therefore steals the images.

Well, I know that to me this hasn’t to do anything with being brave or something and so it didn’t for Saul Leiter, who is, by the way was one of the most important photographers of his time.

It is about vision. It is about executing what I see before I go out. What I have in mind – I you want – in my heart. And this is why I do not feel any different with my 135mm or 70-200mm on the camera than with my little Fuji 35mm. I do not care.

And this »not caring« is what I’ve learned pretty good in my time off last year.

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