Tools to Quit: Tobacco Cessation Class – Ranch Lake

Tools to Quit: Tobacco Cessation Class - Ranch Lake
Event on 2017-10-20 14:00:00
Join representatives from Tobacco Free Florida's AHEC Tobacco Cessation Program for this FREE two hour class designed to help you quit smoking!

This class will cover tobacco use in all its forms and is suitable for any type of tobacco user. Upon completion of the class, participants will be given free nicotine replacement patches, gum, or lozenges if medically appropriate and 18 years of age or older.

Registration for this free class is REQUIRED.

Reserve your seat at and an additional registration form will be sent to the email address provided when you RSVP.

Registration can also be completed by calling 941-552-1283.

at Goodwill Manasota Ranch Lake Community Room
8750 E State Road 70
Bradenton, United States



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