1. Bando Jones Bando Jones

    fuck this gotta do with me

  2. Lulu Calliope Lulu Calliope

    I'm almost twenty-one years old and I'm still struggling to overcome years of verbal and emotional abuse from my parents because of my condition. (They used to tell me that if it hadn't been for the doctors, I'd be sitting in a corner all day, playing with string.) Whenever I'm feeling depressed about being autistic, I look at this video to give me hope for my future.

  3. canadavatar canadavatar

    I nearly commited suicide a few years ago because I felt embarrazed to society because of my asperger syndrome, now 22 years old and still no girlfriend I felt like my teen life had gone away, so If teen life is considered the best one, then I though I had nothing good enough to live for, most society has discriminated me because I just didn't behave like most of them. Even though you would think this is completly insane about me, I had once wanted to interview a female serial killer on parole while I was in Canada as an exchange student, (but never even tried anything about it) to give her a few details on how I felt about being seeing as a freak to others, in hope she might react as comforting me that I was a much more normal person than her for what she did.

  4. Juan Sol Badguy Juan Sol Badguy

    I have asperger's syndrome and watching this, it certainly keeps me uplifted. :')

  5. mcpartridgeboy mcpartridgeboy

    Yeah for women aspergers is a mild inconvienence very occasionally, for a man it means living every second of the day alone, forever never having a date never haveing a girlfrieend never having anyone to hold no words of comfort after a shit day, no wife no love no family, noone to die with alone miseerable on a cold hard hospital bed !

  6. Lexie Woodski Lexie Woodski

    and of course this list is composed of people you wouldn't even know had ASD… I actually quite liked this video, I just think it only makes the condition look much more tame then it actually is/can be. I myself have asperger's and I'm glad that this video has made people proud to be autistic/feel more validated about themselves, but I suppose I was just hoping for some famous people with more severe autism, even if it just shows that even those who are more effected can do great things too.

  7. Bethany O'Neal Bethany O'Neal

    I love James Durbin he's so hot. Also I loved Daryl Hannah in Kill Bill and Steel Magnolias

  8. Isosori Harrison Isosori Harrison

    I inspire myself. ☺️

  9. Isaac Danger Isaac Danger


  10. LW Extra LW Extra

    I have Asperger syndrome

    I produce music 🎶 pls help me out

    My soundcloud is called tranced (official)

    And my dream is too hit 100 followers

  11. Joe Vasquez Joe Vasquez

    There is no such thing as autism, period. It's a selective behavioral issue which can be treated with extreme tough-love therapy. My treatment program have cured pseudo-autistic-falsism which has given my patients a complete, fulfilled and happy lives with zero so called autistic symptoms what so ever.
    Dr. Joe, Psychologist

  12. Blemism prole Blemism prole

    8:30 Holly tauros! I really didn't know!
    And Dan Harmon..? The two of my favourite creators? That's just amazing.

  13. Merv rasmussen Merv rasmussen

    I have autism/Aspergers so i automatically subscribed and like this video

  14. Terry Heistand Terry Heistand

    Interesting list, but I think both Bill Gates and Jacob Barnett should have been included.  Jacob Barnett for his physics genius, and Bill Gates for leaving Microsoft to engage in humanitarian causes, especially his global heath interests.  Asperger's Syndrome made it possible for these two people to do what they do.

  15. HeidiTheChubbyBunny HeidiTheChubbyBunny

    I'm autistic and can't get anything done

  16. stop it stop it

    Its cool cause I was born in Browning Montana and Alexis wineman was born in Cutbank Montana, only 30 minutes away from each other


    money boy aka ysl know plug aka pineapplethefuitdude

  18. Animal Cartoon Channel Animal Cartoon Channel

    Let the bullies bully you, if you have autism. but keep in mind, later on in your life that you´d be ending up more likely with a good job than those bullies. and yes, I have classic autism, and the whole world may know it. And im ofcourse proud of it.


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