1. DrexGamer GT DrexGamer GT

    Quien esta aqui por la tarea de science xd

  2. DrexGamer GT DrexGamer GT

    Quien esta aquí por la tarea de science xd

  3. Ma Fe Balaoro Mendoza Ma Fe Balaoro Mendoza

    be aware

  4. Hector Graciano Hector Graciano

    yes plz

  5. Ravi Yadav Ravi Yadav

    plz plz plz save the earth

  6. Elizabeth Paul Elizabeth Paul

    Whoever made this vid must be living under a rock!! Are you trying to increase environment awareness/protection or conspiring against the efforts towards the same ???NOT an immediate issue????Bah!  And cyclical or not, how does that prevent us from getting drowned when the ice melts, which is as true as the hunger in Ethiopia or choked Polar bears in the Arctic!!

  7. Frank Lane Frank Lane

    Just saw Cowspiracy video that blows the lids off to expose the real Top Environmental Issue, Beef and Dairy industry.

  8. George LFC George LFC

    Not bad but you have not answered what causes all these problems, animal farming that's right all your meat and dairy is the biggest pollutant the world has ever seen, and if the world turned vegan all these issues would disappear over night. It is that simple this is why the UN has started implementing agenda 21

  9. Mohamed Aneizi Mohamed Aneizi

    Thanks dude!
    this will help me with presentation

  10. rhino4311 rhino4311

    The saying should not be "Save The Earth" because the Earth will still be here after the human race the saying should be called "Save the Human Race"


    You people are a bunch of brainwashed sheep. Everything in life is a issue you think the planet is a eggshell because your mind lives in a eggshell of fear.

  12. AlwaysBLEM AlwaysBLEM

    Are you crazy, there is no "Global Warming MAY be happening." Global Warming IS happening %100. Ice caps are melting, in places where it uisually cold and snowy it is hot. There are so many OBVIOUS signs that Global Warming is real so get real buddy we need to stop polluting alltogether as a human race or our world will no longer be habitable.

  13. quinn zacharias quinn zacharias

    This is a highly controversial debate; I would be confident to say that we have rely only studied meteorology precisely for a little over a century. It is premature to state the legitimacy of global warming, for it may or may not be true. You are right in the way that Many of the previous climate testing were shady at best. I do believe in the near future, that science will continue improving to where they will be able to put a definite finger on the truth.

  14. quinn zacharias quinn zacharias

    To add to that many of the small island nations in the south pacific like the imatang and karabaty(I'm not exactly sure how there spelled) are only half a foot above sea level. They have gone to the extent to preparing evacuation routes to other higher island nation incase the sea levels do continue to rise.

  15. Aeon Flux Pavilion Aeon Flux Pavilion

    yet then it states that melting ice glaciers are one of the top five issues of the environment? Then it goes on with the fear factor of a picture of a flooded NY city… And why are there some myths that are listed here when they are not a statistical fact as one of the top 5 environmental issues? Not only is most of the information invaluable but is is statistically false as being top 5.

  16. The Polaris Airship The Polaris Airship

    If you watch the video, he/she says that global warming is not much of a concern, since we are on the brink of another cooling point. Of course it's cyclical.

  17. MacAliPro MacAliPro

    stupid video without sound

  18. Nunya Binnus Nunya Binnus

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