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  2. Haman Mofidi Haman Mofidi

    Continue making your high quality and scientific videos. Both of U r awesome.

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  4. Brian B Brian B

    Milk is not good. For overall health. You make look good in the outside, but dying in the inside

  5. TheBes1979 TheBes1979

    why creatine after training and not before?

  6. Ray ban? Ray ban?

    1g/ lb even on a cut???

  7. Sasha Talanov Sasha Talanov

    How about creatine monohydrate vs hydrochloride?

  8. pilot88pro pilot88pro

    caffeine is catabolic….

  9. Jack Goodwin Jack Goodwin

    Does anyone here know if creatine can have a potentially dangerous affect on people with existing heart problems? I have a bicuspid aortic valve and had open heart surgery at the age of 5 to fix an atrial septum defect, however I have been very active all my life, have run multiple marathons and have been going to the gym regularly for a couple of years now. I'd love to try creatine but have always been concerned about potential side affects on my heart. Amazingly informative video by the way!

  10. Fabio Carrillo Fabio Carrillo

    Dude this was super helpful and interesting a fuh!!! Subscribed

  11. Luis Sanchez Luis Sanchez

    Hi, you did not include Beta Alanine in this video, what studies have you come across on it, and what are your thoughts on it? Also Glutamine – for weightlifting.

  12. zfump zfump

    Lol holy shit my diet is trash. I was eating 240 grams of protein a day at 138 pounds

  13. Austin Keck Austin Keck

    you are making my life 150% easier. thank you for your efforts in researching these topics.

  14. mason r mason r

    it's nice to finally find someone who fully explains the science behind supplementation,diet, and workouts. very informative. Loving your vids that I've seen so far

  15. davidsirmons davidsirmons

    And creatine non-responders……I'd lay money on a bet that they're using it ON TOP of food. Which means it will take the food 2-3 hours to get out of the way of the creatine until it can even absorb. Then, all creatine (even kre-alkalyn) takes 1.5 hours to fully be conjugated in the liver before being available in the blood.

  16. davidsirmons davidsirmons

    Creatine, if derived from food/animal products for packaging, is crap. It is halfway broken down into creatINine already when it's gathered in the factories from animal/food sources, and will complete the breakdown with dramatic speed when put in water for drinking by some hopeful gym goer. The AMA published their findings awhile back, stating emphatically that ALL renal kidney failure is from creatINine damage. Full stop. Kre-Alkalyn however NEVER breaks down into creatINine, which means you will NEVER be drinking a cup full of creatINine when you mix it before a workout, unlike creatine mono, which is almost assured to break down fully in the thermos and in your stomach, with only about 10 percent (of HIGH quality creatine, which is super rare) being left over for use by muscles.


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