Trey Gowdy Calls Out Scientist Who Withheld Cancer-Triggering Research Data Herbal Cure.


  1. GodIsAlive God is not dead GodIsAlive God is not dead

    Cute of cancer was found by a doctor and Puerto Rico. They have the cure for years.

  2. Marie Murley Marie Murley

    Mr. Gowdy has our BEST interest at heart. A true human being . May your light emanate all through our world.


    Thank you Mr. Gowdy! go get them


    Well of course they're covering it up the money is not in the cure it's in the treatment crooked sons of bitches will all meet God someday

  5. John David John David

    Ginger, Reshi Mushrooms, Tumeric, oregano, all kill cancer cells as herbs, Selenium, Zeolite, apricot kernel are also said to help. Water, about a gallon a day, you can win.

  6. johanna cannata johanna cannata

    Anyone who knowingly creates and sells for [mammon) money anything that destroys life will face the God of creation .Also anyone who knowingly suppresses Information that could potentially cause the death of millions of people . And what about the Known cures that have been suppressed for money? It is a fearful thing to be in the hand of the living God our creator. You dont believe in Him? Well He is not like you who would do these things .He doesnt hide the truth , And He doesnt lie. Read your bible and repent or face His fierce wrath for eternity .

  7. Eva Mcinnis Eva Mcinnis

    Get thier ugly evil asses Mr.Trey

  8. Eva Mcinnis Eva Mcinnis

    They also have the cure, they came out with all this shit,to depopulate us all.The evil dirt scum bags.

  9. kay baysinger kay baysinger

    They don't want people to be cured CAN'T make money on well people?

  10. Eva Mcinnis Eva Mcinnis

    Mr. Trey,will the chip be stop that they want implant everyone?Sir!we already have a chip in out bank cards.isnt this end enough?if it is not Then it's pure evil and against our constitutionl Rights sir!!! Blessings to you and your family thank you for your time and effort in this matter.

  11. Diane Smith Diane Smith

    Think mccain used some of that round up?

  12. Femwolf1111 Femwolf1111

    This herb is from Creator, we named it Cannabis, cures pretty much everything; except death, and no deaths ever recorded for using this most wonderful herb🙏also this herb was used into the 1930's, then alcohol$$, tobacco$$ and $$BIG HARMACEUTICAL$$ came along, which has claimed MILLIONS OF PEOPLE LIVES, and Money, causes addiction, these are the DRUGS *1. ALCOHOL (gateway to drugs), 2. PHARMACEUTICAL DRUGS ( definition of a drug, any substance that produces a adverse effect, bad side effect) also VERY ADDICTIVE, AND CAUSES DEATH. 3. TOBACCO WITH PESTICIDES AND SYNTHETIC CHEMICALS (Organic grown tobacco is safer)

  13. Southern Grace Southern Grace

    Be it truth is coming out , y'all need to be prepared…. This is all for a reason. It's part of the plan…

  14. Layland Syrus Layland Syrus

    They will burn in hell


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