Trump’s Federal Opioid Crisis Vs Natural Pain Management By Houston Chiropractor Dr Greg Johnson

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  1. John Okie John Okie

    Best one yet!!

  2. PrinceofRome PrinceofRome

    8:24 "You need an opioid right now?" LOL

  3. Jimmy Dean Jimmy Dean

    Everytime I say I've seen (heard) the best ring-dinger ever, i get a new one. This is the BEST ring-dinger ever! Amazing! Crackalicious

  4. James Jack James Jack

    $24,000,000,000 (Billion) dollar opioid market each year in the US. Multiply that by a factor of 20 as an average inflation for those fake prescriptions written that are purely for selling on the black market and you easily get a half … TRILLION … dollar market.

    Half a TRILLION dollars that the pharmaceutical companies are making in conjunction with the black market dealers, you can't stop that, and the cops and the government HAS NOT stopped it, as a matter of fact it has gotten much, much, much worse … why? The cops are on the take, the politicians are on the take and our entire government is TOTALLY CORRUPT.

    And if you disagree, they answer the question as to why cops have BILLIONS of dollars a year to spend, routinely violate the first and fourth and fifth amendments to the Constitution but … but … but … they can't win the "WAR on DRUGS" … because there is no war on drugs, it is a war on PEOPLE … putting them in jail is the THIRD most LUCRATIVE business venture in the United States of America, what's the second? Drugs, of course, and the FIRST ??? The exportation of bombs and guns to other nations by our government.

    Drugs and guns and caging people the three largest business operations on the face of the planet … hell on Earth?

    This will not stop, the motivation is not only addiction, it is BIG BIG HUGE MONEY!

    And then there are the many hundreds of billions of dollars worth of black market opioids coming … from Afghanistan via the CIA and the US military. Many do not understand why the United States has been "at war" in Afghanistan for over 16 years … now you know. MONEY and DRUGS that's what it's all about.

    Yoga + Chiropractic + aerobic exercise == healthy body and mind and soul.

  5. 2102mandaod 2102mandaod

    Brilliant point about the pain meds. My doc here in Scotland prescribed pain relief for me for a bad frozen shoulder & told me it will get better eventually but could take years. The medication hurt my tummy so much I had to stop. I don't have a Dr Johnson unfortunately but I was cured with 6 sessions of acupuncture from an excellent clinic without any medication.

  6. Noelle Larsen Noelle Larsen

    Are there other chiropractors in the country that treat the way you do? If not, there should be! 🙂

  7. Roger Branstetter Roger Branstetter

    Does this help with, the tingling on my spine ? I don't know any other chiropractor who does this. I wonder if chiropractic, and massages are perfect complimentary goods ? I would love to be the one getting the ring dinger.

  8. Alan Heath Alan Heath

    That was some serious torque on that Ring Dinger!!!

  9. ShoeniceDeletedVideosX28 ShoeniceDeletedVideosX28

    The War On Drugs Has Been One Of The Biggest Failures in American History.

  10. pmichael73 pmichael73

    You said it, Doc: HEALTHcare, not SICKcare!

  11. Carlcarlito13 Carlcarlito13

    Say hell yeahh if you've replayed that ring dinger more than 3 times….

  12. novian cliff novian cliff

    very very awesome crack of ring dinger….

  13. IWIQuest IWIQuest

    I've had back/spine issues for over a decade. I had tried every possible therapy and nothing has worked &I have spent a small fortune on doctors and specialists for them to just throw pills at me. Your videos convinced me to find a Chiropractor local to me (sorry your office is a bit too far for me to travel!) but after a few weeks I am feeling SIGNIFICANTLY better and I am truly astonished. At first I thought Chiropractic care was a pseudo-science, but it is helping me tremendously. If you are watching this hoping it could help your chronic pain, it could!

  14. RunningMan4ver RunningMan4ver

    Largest sound of ring dinger

  15. SuperBizalz SuperBizalz

    6:03 – That shit was DOPE!!!!


    Bennett Thomas… Was schooling tough becoming a chiropractorI? Can you explain what types paths I should take

  17. MrStan71 MrStan71


  18. moy18t moy18t

    what was that, a crack or a thunder!


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