Types of Meditation

Everyone has heard about meditation and its manifold benefits. Various researches conducted worldwide have proved that nothing else benefits the soul and the body like meditation does.

When contemplating taking up meditation it is easy to be intimidated when contemplating the religious meanings. But if you are wanting to elevate your intellectual and bodily operations, you will want to make meditation a part of your day.

To get you moving with meditation, here are some tips that you can use as a beginner:

1. Zen Buddhist Meditation Technique or Zazen- This one is associated with religious practices quite often. Yet, this is indeed one of the best techniques that have been propounded by Lord Buddha. Zazen forms the core of all Zen Buddhist rituals- and it involves focusing on breathing and is requires you to sit upright and remain silent.

Instructions- To begin this method, sit upright, and count to 10, exhaling after each count. As you finish the breathing counts to ten, begin anew. If your attention is distracted from your breaths, begin anew. Eventually your experience will bring you to the point where you don’t have to count anymore and just focusing on your breaths will suffice. This can take many years of work to be able to master this. You can rely on the Zen technique to lift you both body and soul, and to bring you to a higher level of sensibility and cognition.

2. Mantra Meditation Method-This forms the essence of the Hindu faith and the effectiveness of this approach has made it very popular. The name explains the method- you have to choose a mantra that is easy for you to repeat either mentally or aloud. This will help you in focusing your energies and consequently you will be better enabled to develop your concentration powers.

A favored mantra is So Hum Mantra Meditation. When inhaling, mentally say ‘Sooo’, then mentally say “Hummm” while you are exhaling. ‘So Hum’ interprets as ‘I am That’ meaning that you are unified with the divine. In this manner you are able to expand the emotions at your heart allowing you to open up your love, unreserved.

3. The Chakra Meditation Method- You could reap many benefits from this method of Chakra meditation. And the interesting part is that there are many variations of this method. Chakras are a whirlpool of energy that you must balance in order to reap benefit from this process. Once the energy in your system is properly balanced you could make considerable progress in both your emotional and physical fields. Here’s how you could unlock and stabilize the flow of energy in your life-

a. Position the Chakra on your body and focus on it. You will slowly become aware of that position and the process will unlock the energies stored there.

b. The Chakras are in direct relation to the ‘Beej mantra’ or the ‘seed sound’. As you say the Chakra again and again, the target area is opened up and balances. Care is used in this method to prevent opening these areas too fast.

To discover the benefits for yourself try one of meditation try one of the above mentioned methods of meditation for yourself.

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