UNBROKEN-Behind My Smile

UNBROKEN-Behind My Smile
Event on 2017-09-15 00:00:00

This program provides real life stories – her story being one – on issues relating to living a more meaningful life.

Everyone has a story.  No one escapes the challenges of life.  It’s what we do with those challenges that determines how we go forward.
Kristal Knudtson has a story.  And she wants to share it.  She’s certainly weathered adversity and yet she has risen above it all to lead a life with blessings.  She wants to share her journey with you, with the hope that she can be a positive influence in your life.
She wants to impact your life in a positive way through the following:
 Everyone has a story
 Be YOUnique – Be YOU
 3 C’s (Communication, Confidence, Conflict)
 Audience personal takeaway
Key benefits of attending:
This program provides real life stories – her story being one – on issues relating to living a more meaningful life.  You have the opportunity to gain perspectives on life from experiences told.  You will leave with takeaways on how to practice being objective, to think differently on the value of life, and practice new behavioral skills. It offers guidance in developing your own plan of action to exercise confidence, conflict and communication behaviors into your lifestyle. You will discover how to:
See the good in “not so good” situations
Be confident within yourself, and stop your doubting
Make better decisions by being proactive
Use communication techniques to help improve relationships
Discover your inner you and let it out
You will learn to:
Gain a clearer understanding of yourself and how your experiences have shaped you today
Trust your gut feelings
Live true to your values and be proud of them, without judgement
Become brave
Embrace your uniqueness
Realize that you are not alone in the chapter of your story
Establish self reflecting goals and progress
Identify your self-esteem needs and others
Turn negative energy into positive energy
Program Length: 1 1/2 hours
For more info please visit:

at Meyer Theatre
117 S Washington Street 54301
Green Bay, United States

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