Understanding The Results Of Heart Disease

Coronary artery disease is a common term given to heart disease. It is also called arteriosclerosis. There are many causes and treatments to this silent killer. It is important to know the risks involved so you can take action before you develop problems.

You May Be Unaware
This disease can take many years to develop. Most times you will not be aware that you have a problem until it presents itself. In addition, that could be too late. Gradual deposits within the arteries can bring it about. The deposits are made of fatty tissue. This is also referred to as plaque. In time, the plaque build-up becomes worse. The blood flow in the arteries slowly gets restricted. It is like water running through a hose. When the pathway narrows, less water flows and the force is increased. When an artery is narrowed, a blood clot can lodge within the area. This may block off the flow of blood completely. When this happens to the heart, you have a heart attack. The heart starts to die from lack of oxygen.

Little exercise and an unhealthy diet can be a contributor.
You can inherit health conditions. You can also inherit the vulnerability to develop such problems. If you have relatives with circulatory conditions, you are at higher risk.

Tobacco is a known cause of coronary artery disease. The more you smoke the greater the chance you take.

Diabetes type I and type II are another indirect cause. Diabetes affects circulation.
Age is also a factor. The longer we live, the greater the chance of plaque build-up. However, it is affecting young people also.

Do I Have This Condition?
Symptoms of arteriosclerosis can be non-existent. Elevated blood pressure might be an indicator. A person may feel chest pain and nausea. Any type of heart attack symptom can mean the presence of this disease. Urgent medical care may be need, in those cases.

The best agreed upon treatment is prevention. A lifestyle that contains exercise, fruits and vegetables is recommended. Limiting salt and fatty foods is also a good thing. Management for conditions like hypertension and high cholesterol are very important. They are also known as silent killers. If you have had a heart attack it will be very important to listen to your doctor. You may need to take medications and revamp your lifestyle.

Take the initiative and take control of your health. Learn everything you can about your condition. Internet and libraries are a good source of knowledge.

Do not wait until you develop symptoms or it may be too late. Heart disease is a slow killer that can sneak up on you. See your doctor and do what it takes to prevent future problems.

In order to keep track of the heart disease risks lurking, you will need to keep close track on the cholesterol ratio. A heart disease diet with high-density lipoprotein is the good stuff. A heart disease symptom such as shortness of breath should raise alarm bells. For more free information please visit our website.


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