Virgin America, The Best Airline I’ve Ever Flown

Virgin America, The Best Airline I’ve Ever Flown
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Virgin America is the best airline I’ve ever flown. I flew them from SF to Fort Lauderdale and back home for less than 0 round trip. The planes were new, included power for my laptop. optional reasonably priced wifi. Great colored lighting. free satellite TV and pay per view movies on your own personal screen. Interactive food/beverage ordering.

I was literally watching the House pass the Healthcare bill live while flying 5,000 feet above the earth on CNN with their in flight entertainment system. They also have a great interactive map done by Google Maps which shows you the location of your flight on a map. I even got to watch Google exec Bradley Horowitz on Boing Boing TV in flight. That was pretty slick. 🙂 And this was all in coach!

I applied for their VISA card today and will fly them in the future when I fly. Really a cut above any airline I’ve ever flown with very reasonably priced flights. The flight I took was cheaper than Southwest and far superior in every way.

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