Visual Arts Centre – Ink Painting Course

Visual Arts Centre - Ink Painting Course
Event on 2017-07-27 13:30:00
Ink brush painting is both a beautiful and meditative style, capable of bringing you out of your hectic daily schedule into a space of calm contemplation. Learn the art of ink painting by exploring various themes such as flowers, leaves, birds and trees, unleashing your inner artist. At our green and relaxed setting here at the Visual Arts Centre Singapore, learn the beauty and majesty of this timeless art form, under the guidance of our artist- teacher.Immerse yourself into elegant world of ink painting, and in a few short lessons, enable yourself to create your very own masterpieces, to show to your friends and family! This course requires no formal knowledge or background in art, it only requires your passion and interest in the subject.  So whether a beginner, or a professional looking to reignite your passion for the arts, come down and join us at VAC! Prior to registering for classes, you may refer to the lesson schedules below to join our classes. Our flexible attendance system works by turning up at any of the sessions listed below. All materials are provided for this course.

at Visual Arts Centre
10 Penang Road , #01-02
Singapore, Singapore



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