VR Art Therapy Workshop

VR Art Therapy Workshop
Event on 2017-08-05 10:00:00
Join Dr. Michelle Wang for this special workshop where art meets the mind and body in this day long event dedicated to helping you through virtual reality. What Will I Learn? Explore facets of your personality you never knew existed Use art as a means of self-expression Create art without judgement Create art as a means for self-healing and self-discovery Build on your self-esteem and increase your confidence levels Use art as a means of relaxation and to unwind Enjoy the benefits that creative art brings to our emotional and physical well being Use art for the purpose of active meditation Learn many different techniques to use art for pure enjoyment and recreation Virtual reality!  Requirements The perfect thing about this course is that no prior experience or knowledge is required. The only thing you will need, is an imagination and an open mind! Description VR Art Therapy Workshop You don't need to be a great artist, or indeed consider yourself to be particularly creative. All you need is an imagination and an open mind to get the most from this VR Art Therapy course. Within this workshop, you will find exercises on self-exploration and healing painful emotions, as well as exercises for pure enjoyment and recreation. You'll also find exercises for interpersonal communication. This is great for better communication and an appreciation for each other, as you learn and create with one another. The therapeutic, creative process of self-expression, can improve our physical and mental health, as well as our emotional well being. It helps us to manage our feelings in a more positive way Can give us the confidence to address and resolve issues from the past and present Increase self-esteem and develop a greater self-awareness Creating art through therapeutic means provides an outlet to express yourself freely, which will encourage and promote a healthier, happier life Did you know that doing art for just twenty minutes a day can bring you enormous benefits, including: A more relaxed state of mind Lowering stress hormones Help with insomnia VR Art Therapy may sound a bit daunting, especially if you believe yourself not to be particularly artistic or creative or have not had much experience (or any at all) with virtual reality. However, this need not be an issue, as the purpose of art is simply to express, and not to judge, or compare. And, we’ll show you all you need to know. Art should be an extension of how you're feeling, and for that, you are your own expert. Who is the target audience? Anyone who enjoys art Anyone who likes to be creative The course is suitable for everyone and can be used with the whole family as a family bonding experience Those people who would like to work on their self-esteem and their self-confidence People who would like to express themselves better Those people who would like to try active meditation using art People who may be recovering from trauma or illness People who would like to be introduced to a wide range of art approaches Hosted by NewPathVR NewPathVR is a transformative technology company that combines the unprecedented access that VR has to the subconscious with extensive psychological research to create powerful new tools for personal and emotional growth. NewPathVR is the creator of personal development and emotional intelligence applications in virtual reality. The company uses research-based methods to create wellness applications for VR with the goal of evoking positive change through transformative technology. We also power the world’s first VR wellness portal — RE:NEW.

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