Watch out for these Symptoms of Heart Disease

You can’t always recognize symptoms of common heart problems. Some things you might think are related to your heart are not really problems. Other symptoms may indicate serious coronary heart disease and need immediate attention. You need to be able to distinguish between the two.

Common heart problems have many symptoms. If you are at all concerned that you are having symptoms of coronary heart disease — call your doctor. In fact, it is a good idea to let your doctor know of any symptoms you suspect might be related to your heart. By recognizing these you might prevent a heart attack!

Some of the more common reasons to contact your doctor right away include an unexplained bloated feeling in your stomach along with nausea or loss of appetite. Extreme fatigue or a reduced ability to finish daily activities, as well as difficulty breathing during normal activities or even at rest can be heart disease symptoms which must never be ignored.

Your heart might race, or beat irregularly — heart palpitations. You may have pains in your chest. These are other signs or symptoms of heart disease.

Go straight to hospital if that is your doctor’s advice. If you cannot get in touch with your doctor, and you are concerned, you should go to hospital right away rather than ignore any health disease symptoms. This is especially true if you indulge in unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking or substance abuse, or if you have members of your family who have heart disease.

Call 911 or if you must, have someone take you to the hospital without any delay if you have an excruciating chest pain accompanied by shortness of breath, sudden weakness or profuse sweating. If you experience a severe shortness of breath along with an accelerated heart rate, you should also seek immediate medical attention. Weakness or loss of the ability to move, sudden excruciating headache, fainting or loss of consciousness are all symptoms requiring prompt treatment.

Heart disease symptoms can rapidly deteriorate into a heart attack. You may feel you are not in danger, but if you are having the symptoms, call your doctor. If on the other hand, you feel you may be in danger – don’t hesitate to see if it gets better. Go to the hospital or call 911!

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