1. Aftab Ali Fasahath Aftab Ali Fasahath

    if you're great a personal training, but not good at making money out of it, you could've learnt the business of it all. You just sound like an ex-person of faith who wasn't good at understanding their belief system, and now wants to make a living bashing and undercutting it. Might as well change your channel name to PT Heretic.

  2. colt colt

    Being a successful PT is about making your clients independent. They become your free marketing because they know that you were efficient. Just my thoughts.


    Good lookin dude.

  4. michael marks michael marks

    Good video, Was scrolling for something else and seen this.
    I was just putting a video together today on how LA Fitness Manipulates Personal Trainers. This video Came up 100% Accurate. look me up on FB Michael Marks 🌴☺☺

  5. Jay Huerta Jay Huerta

    Question, in order to get the body that you have, do I need to take any supplements and what are they?

  6. Jay Huerta Jay Huerta

    Hey you are very handsome

  7. roni pratamaofficial roni pratamaofficial

    nice Broo.. nice body

  8. Aliss Weathers Aliss Weathers

    Hi cutie pie

  9. mat dinkleburg mat dinkleburg

    when u take 3 scoops of pre workout insted of 1

  10. Reynald Philo Reynald Philo

    Can you help me

  11. Xavier Smith Xavier Smith

    I'm a guitar teacher and I have to deal with pathetic flakey shitheads who never practice. I imagine it'd be worse as a PT because people would want to shirk physical work even more than guitar practice. Is it more acceptable to yell at your clients as a PT than as a guitar teacher?

  12. Gerald Esterman Gerald Esterman

    I am studying to be a Personal Trainer. I will be training my clients your way. All my knowledge , as fast as my client can absorb it. If that means only a few sessions, that's fine. Positive word of mouth will bring new clients. I also want to help as many people as possible. You can be a good guy, and still be a wealthy guy. I believe that.

    You mentioned online resources. I like Bodybuilding.com exercise finder and r/fitness on Reddit. Do you have any other resources you really value? Cheers. And I subscribed.

  13. Alex Duran Alex Duran

    You are so fucking beautiful.. And I ain't even gay bro!

  14. Demetris Jones Demetris Jones

    Fuck personal trainer

  15. tvhjtg yghyt tvhjtg yghyt

    the personal trainer called Tom (an asian) at 137 Young Street club is ridiculous and not a reasonable good worker for best to customers or the employer company who is not only hurting the company reputation to treat customers unfairly and unreasonably by disallowing customers to take a showe or go to washroom after getting tanned in their tanning service room with the tanning already purchased! What a bad working attitudes of such personsl trainers!

  16. Robert Blackmore Robert Blackmore

    it's the same with driving instructors, they want you to learn slow. £20 a lesson, it's in their interest to teach you as slowly as possible.

  17. Clint Clint

    what about money bcuz youtube ain't to good in that area

  18. Lone-Wolf-XCII Lone-Wolf-XCII

    I thought men were bad with their comments about female YouTubers but after reading through all of the comments, it's amazing to see how many women sexualise the man in the video and how shallow they are.


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