Wednesday Advanced Scent Work Class

Wednesday Advanced Scent Work Class
Event on 2017-08-16 17:45:00
This is the Advanced 5-week Nosework (Scenting) classes. You need to complete the Beginner class before signing up for this class. The class meets on the following Saturdays Learn this sport from AKC & UKC Scent Work Judges. Limited 10 Dogs per class. Please do not bring dogs if they are in "heat" What is Nosework? We are growing the sport of Nosework (Scent Work) in OKC. Dogs love to participate in this sport and it helps build confidence and focus in your dog. The great thing is any dog can participate; from 8-week old puppies to very old or retired dogs.  We train you to train your dog. In a matter of weeks, you should see your dog confidently ignoring distractions and become focused on the target scent. By the end of class, many of the dogs will be ready to compete for their UKC Pre-Trial and/or Novice Nosework Trials, and AKC Scent Work Trails This is a fun, positive training class, you will learn about basic (and Advanced) concepts in searching for odor, how to handle odor, how to make and place hides, and how to teach your dog a distinctive alert while staying focused on the odor. In this class we will introduce multiple scents – indoor/outdoor, vehicle searches, Buried scents, and Handler Discrimination.  At all stages the Dog must be made to feel it is successful, even if nothing is found during the exercise, a successful find MUST be immediately staged in the same session so the dog WINS.

at Oklahoma City Obedience Training Center (OCOTC)
6629 NW 23rd St
Bethany, United States

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