Week 11 chemo complete: Thankful every day

Week 11 chemo complete: Thankful every day
Back Pain
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(CC) Phillip Jeffrey. Feel free to use this photo. I request that you link back to the original picture on Flickr and credit as shown above.

On the weekend, I was wandering through the forest as the magic hour (final hour of the day) approached. I took a variety of self-portraits for about 50 minutes, but didn’t feel I was getting the photo I wanted. Then I noticed a ray of sunlight falling on a tree. It looked beautiful and I paused for a moment.

I thought about how lucky I was not to be in bed with chronic pain due to my multiple myeloma or chronic fatigue due to chemo. I felt fortunate that I had not become blind due to previous glaucoma scares and that I had friends that cared about me. I also felt happy that I had a working camera for my creative expression.

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