Weekly Meditation

Weekly Meditation
Event on 2017-06-21 18:45:00
Come join our weekly meditation class. You will learn the practice of meditation for the balancing, healing, and liberation of the mind. Meditation is a non demominational practice. It is a science of mind which governs our worldview and our behavior while in it. Benefits of Meditation:Discover & experience inner peace Heal from past traumaRelief from stressFree yourself from addictions and self destructive habit patternsIncrease focus & awarenessImprove memory & memory recallBoost immunityIncrease pain threshholdFree the mind from all suffering.and more.....For your best sitting:Wear loose fitting clothing, that allows for free movement of the abdominal for ease of breathing.Meditation is best practiced in a nourished body, yet with an empty stomach. Wearing of strong scents can be distracting to others.Bring cushions, blankets and mats, for your comfort. Its free yet a suggested offering of is greatly appreciated

at Make-It Springfield
168 Worthington Street
Springfield, United States



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